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IRIS-FGM: an integrative single-cell RNA-Seq interpretation system for functional gene module analysis.

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scGNN: a novel graph neural network framework for single-cell RNA-Seq analyses.

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SeqATU: Predicting ATUs (alternative transcription units) of bacterial organisms. (2020)


LTMG: A novel statistical modeling of transcriptional expression states in single-cell RNA-Seq data. (2019)

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DESSO: Prediction of regulatory motifs from human Chip-sequencing data using a deep learning framework. (2019)

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QUBIC2.0: A novel and robust biclustering algorithm for analyses and interpretation of large-scale RNA-Seq data. (2019)

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rSeqTU: A Machine-Learning Based R Package for Prediction of Bacterial Transcription Units. (2019)

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MetaQUBIC a computational pipeline for gene-level functional profiling of metagenome and metatranscriptome. (2019)

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EL-SMURF: An Ensemble Learning of SMOTE for Unbalancing samples and RF algorithm in PPI sites prediction. (2019)

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GeneQC: A tool for gene expression level quality control. (2018)

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SPP: A sigma-54 promoter predictor in prokaryotic genomes based on a machine learning method. (2018)

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ViDGER: An R package for interpretation of differential gene expression results of RNA-seq data. (2018)

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QUBIC-R package (2017)

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A phylogenetic model for understanding the effect of gene duplication on cancer progression. (2014)

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Cancer-evolution: A phylogenetic model for understanding the effect of gene duplication on cancer progression. (2013)

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supercoil: Bacterial chromosome folding structure under different conditions. (2013)

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BoBro 2.0: An integrated toolkit for prediction and analysis of cis-regulatory motifs. (2011, 2013)

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GOST: An orthology mapping tool for prokaryotes. (2011)

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QUBIC: A biclustering tool for microarray data. (2009)

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UberOperon: Detecting uber-operons in prokaryotic genomes

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