Coming Soon: Trash or Treasure: Wastewater, Plastics, and Spent Brewing Grain!

Ever wonder what happens to a Coke bottle after it’s thrown into a city recycle bin? Or what happens to the spent grains after you’ve enjoyed a Seventh Son brew? All over Columbus innovators are working towards better solutions for dealing with waste, and this Drink and Think is your chance to become part of the movement! First, we’ll discuss how Seventh Son is using its spent grains to benefit local farmers and livestock producers. Then, we’ll take a look at how plastic bottles are being converted into novel materials and architectural resources, including a new installation on OSU’s main campus. Lastly, we’ll examine how Columbus recently achieved 100% beneficial use of its wastewater-derived “biosolids” for purposes of agricultural fertilization and energy production. So, come join us on Nov. 19th at 6:00 PM as we delve into the exciting world of re-purposing “waste” materials with some of the city’s most prominent recyclers!

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