Mark Anthony Arceno

Mark Anthony is a cultural anthropologist, whose research sits at the intersection of food, place, and identity. He is especially interested in how foods and drinks of geographic origin help individuals articulate sociocultural and political senses of self and belonging in times of change (climatic or otherwise). For his dissertation, Mark Anthony completed comparative ethnographic fieldwork in central Ohio and Alsace, eastern France, where he sought to learn how winegrowers understand, adapt, and articulate changes in their vineyards, wine cellars, and tasting rooms. In addition to department and university funding, the final phase of Mark Anthony’s research in France was supported by a Humanities and Social Sciences “Make Our Planet Great Again” Chateaubriand Fellowship, which is sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France.

Prior to his Ph.D. program, Mark Anthony completed his M.A. at Ohio State, his thesis of which analyzed the symbolism and political economy of pictorial representations of food-based dietary guidelines (FBDGs, e.g., food pyramids, food plates). Before enrolling at Ohio State, Mark Anthony completed his B.A. at Albion College in French and International Studies (focus on sub-Saharan Africa), with added concentrations in Ethnic Studies and Public Policy & Service, and worked at Denison University in the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs.