Module3 ESEPSY1159

For me, the most profound impact of this unit is to increase my sensitivity to the life variable of time. I will spend a lot of time and experience recording my time, and then I will draw time to analyze it. After that, I found a lot of things I didn’t realize before, such as I don’t know how long I need to sleep a day, and how long I need to rest. Therefore, in the future life, I will spend more time to pay attention to my time allocation, so as to reduce the waste of time. Before the coming day comes, plan what you will do in the next day and record the real allocation of time as the day progresses. I would like to advise students that recording time can be more objective in evaluating the components of life and avoid subjective cognitive tendencies. Because we don’t always feel the existence of time, or our consciousness will choose to remember the part of life we like and forget the part we don’t like. Because of this, we can’t judge our life objectively so as to improve ourselves. In conclusion, tracking time helps us to know what things exactly happen and give us the data for ourselves to analyses that do I need to avoid or improve.

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