Module7 ESEPSY1159

For me, the most useful thing is to find motivators in different situations. Sometimes, I have worked for a really long time and my brain has burned out, but I still did not finish my job and need to work for a longer time. under this situation, I need to find a stimulus for myself to encourage my self to work. But sometimes, I am really relaxed so that I cannot focus my job but I still don’t want to waste time. Under these situations, I need another type of motivator to motivate myself to finish what I want. I need a different type of motivators under different situations and I think it is better for me to know how to find them first so that I can apply them when I am needed.

For the future, I would say give myself enough reason to do a special task because enough reasons mean enough motivators. If I cannot find enough motivators, it may be useless for me from both intrinsic and extrinsic. It is a really important thing for me to think.

I really enjoy writing the posts because it is a really good way for me to express my personal opinions and I have to express that in really decent ways, which make me think more and express them in a really exact way.

For the topic of this week, I totally agree with the importance of sleep because I have personal experience about the effect of inadequate sleeping time. I feel exhausted in the next day and difficult to focus on my job.

ESEPSY1159 Module 6

What is the most useful thing I learned in this module?

I would say the most useful thing I learned in this module is the definition and difference between search and research. As an ESL student, I only understand the meaning of the two words based on the translation meaning instead of the meaning of English. As a result, I never think about the difference between the two actions. I did not act them in sequence, which is really important for me. But Based on this module class, I found if I think about them one by one, I can get a result just like one add one are greater than two.

For the searching and researching methods, I will practice frequently becauseĀ  I don’t familiar with them and practicing makes me do them become familiar. Since the class is nearly finished, it is really helpful to me but I cannot find the hint or relation between every module. When I think about what do I study from the class, I can say a lot. But it is difficult for me to get a conclusion for what I have studied. Especially for this module, the method of writing skills is more like the content of the writing class instead of the class related to psychological education.

ESEPSY 1159 Module 5

For this week class, I studied a lot of things. Some of them are I did not think before. Some studying methods that I totally felt that I should improve my studying skills from several aspects before but I did not try them. For example, Forming a sensation about how do the lecturers give the lectures. It will be helpful because the sequence might give the sub-information about how do the knowledge develop or which sequence is better for students to accept. It seems useless but in fact, it is helpful for students’ studying efficiency. Some parts of taking note methods, which I think about that during my past studying process but I did not try them before. By this time, it gave me a brief outline. So I will try to use them in my future studying.

More than taking notes techniques, I would say the thought of how to take notes reflects how do we think, which are implicit. Finding a way of taking notes just like finding a way to manage thinking the way of people. If people take messy notes, they can make them tide after class by using different tools but for people without clear thinking, which will be much harder to overcome


Module 4 ESEPSY1159

During this module, I studied two important parts. One is to read required materials before taking a class or I prefer to say why we need to prepare for taking class, and the other is to how to receive information effectively.

For the first part, I often feel unable to follow my professors thinking ways but I don’t know why because I think I cannot change the status to know something I did not know or know what we would study in class. But in fact, we can study that, or we can study a little bit and get more information based on the little bit. Taking class is a new way to study something new but not to study something totally new. Studying process is like to make a bigger snowball. we should have a small one and roll it up.

For the second part, Mnemonic Device, I have studied some of the methods in psych class. But at that time, I studied in a more scientific way so I only know some of them but I don’t know how to apply the methods and make them works for me. but these time, I saw the description and example of how to use the methods. That helps me a lot so I will try to use them for the next week.

Module3 ESEPSY1159

For me, the most profound impact of this unit is to increase my sensitivity to the life variable of time. I will spend a lot of time and experience recording my time, and then I will draw time to analyze it. After that, I found a lot of things I didn’t realize before, such as I don’t know how long I need to sleep a day, and how long I need to rest. Therefore, in the future life, I will spend more time to pay attention to my time allocation, so as to reduce the waste of time. Before the coming day comes, plan what you will do in the next day and record the real allocation of time as the day progresses. I would like to advise students that recording time can be more objective in evaluating the components of life and avoid subjective cognitive tendencies. Because we don’t always feel the existence of time, or our consciousness will choose to remember the part of life we like and forget the part we don’t like. Because of this, we can’t judge our life objectively so as to improve ourselves. In conclusion, tracking time helps us to know what things exactly happen and give us the data for ourselves to analyses that do I need to avoid or improve.