Module 4 ESEPSY1159

During this module, I studied two important parts. One is to read required materials before taking a class or I prefer to say why we need to prepare for taking class, and the other is to how to receive information effectively.

For the first part, I often feel unable to follow my professors thinking ways but I don’t know why because I think I cannot change the status to know something I did not know or know what we would study in class. But in fact, we can study that, or we can study a little bit and get more information based on the little bit. Taking class is a new way to study something new but not to study something totally new. Studying process is like to make a bigger snowball. we should have a small one and roll it up.

For the second part, Mnemonic Device, I have studied some of the methods in psych class. But at that time, I studied in a more scientific way so I only know some of them but I don’t know how to apply the methods and make them works for me. but these time, I saw the description and example of how to use the methods. That helps me a lot so I will try to use them for the next week.

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