Module7 ESEPSY1159

For me, the most useful thing is to find motivators in different situations. Sometimes, I have worked for a really long time and my brain has burned out, but I still did not finish my job and need to work for a longer time. under this situation, I need to find a stimulus for myself to encourage my self to work. But sometimes, I am really relaxed so that I cannot focus my job but I still don’t want to waste time. Under these situations, I need another type of motivator to motivate myself to finish what I want. I need a different type of motivators under different situations and I think it is better for me to know how to find them first so that I can apply them when I am needed.

For the future, I would say give myself enough reason to do a special task because enough reasons mean enough motivators. If I cannot find enough motivators, it may be useless for me from both intrinsic and extrinsic. It is a really important thing for me to think.

I really enjoy writing the posts because it is a really good way for me to express my personal opinions and I have to express that in really decent ways, which make me think more and express them in a really exact way.

For the topic of this week, I totally agree with the importance of sleep because I have personal experience about the effect of inadequate sleeping time. I feel exhausted in the next day and difficult to focus on my job.

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