ESEPSY1159 Module 6

What is the most useful thing I learned in this module?

I would say the most useful thing I learned in this module is the definition and difference between search and research. As an ESL student, I only understand the meaning of the two words based on the translation meaning instead of the meaning of English. As a result, I never think about the difference between the two actions. I did not act them in sequence, which is really important for me. But Based on this module class, I found if I think about them one by one, I can get a result just like one add one are greater than two.

For the searching and researching methods, I will practice frequently becauseĀ  I don’t familiar with them and practicing makes me do them become familiar. Since the class is nearly finished, it is really helpful to me but I cannot find the hint or relation between every module. When I think about what do I study from the class, I can say a lot. But it is difficult for me to get a conclusion for what I have studied. Especially for this module, the method of writing skills is more like the content of the writing class instead of the class related to psychological education.

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