ESEPSY 1159 Module 5

For this week class, I studied a lot of things. Some of them are I did not think before. Some studying methods that I totally felt that I should improve my studying skills from several aspects before but I did not try them. For example, Forming a sensation about how do the lecturers give the lectures. It will be helpful because the sequence might give the sub-information about how do the knowledge develop or which sequence is better for students to accept. It seems useless but in fact, it is helpful for students’ studying efficiency. Some parts of taking note methods, which I think about that during my past studying process but I did not try them before. By this time, it gave me a brief outline. So I will try to use them in my future studying.

More than taking notes techniques, I would say the thought of how to take notes reflects how do we think, which are implicit. Finding a way of taking notes just like finding a way to manage thinking the way of people. If people take messy notes, they can make them tide after class by using different tools but for people without clear thinking, which will be much harder to overcome


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