Announcing the Fall 2018 Grant-In-Aid of Research Awardees


Congratulations to the Fall 2018 Grant-In-Aid of Research Winners! We look forward to honouring you at the Annual Banquet in Spring 2019


2018 GIAR Awardees:

Swagata Goswami, Cellular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program. Project Title: “Role of p21 in cell cycle and differentiation decisions of myeloid cells in health and disease”

Elif Kolanci, Neuroscience Graduate Program. Project Title: “Exploring the roles of sex and intestinal microbial composition in stress-enhanced anxiety-like behavior


Honorable Mentions:

Sunayana Nayak, Biomedical Science Graduate Program. Project Title: “Role of a novel regulator in nutrient acquisition pathways in cancer”

Nguyen “Archie” Tram, Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program. Project Title: “Preventing blindness: A novel vitreous substitute”

Edna Alfaro Inocente, Entomology Graduate Program. Project Title: “Discovery of natural drimane sesquiterpenes from Madagascan medicinal plants (Cinnamosma spp.) with insecticidal and repellent activities against mosquitoes”

Thomas Bodnar Biochemistry Graduate Program. Project Title: “Downstream proteins that facilitate sarcolemma membrane repair have potential as therapeutics for Duchenne muscular dystrophy” 

Julia Zezinka, Undergraduate Student in Speech and Hearing Science. Project Title: “Outcomes measurement in augmentative & alternative communication device interventions”

Jenna Wilson, Undergraduate Student in Cognitive Neuroscience. Project Title: “A new thrombolytic to prevent or attenuate myocardial infarction”


D.r Randolf Roth gives talk at COSI After Dark

Sigma Xi-nominated speaker, Professor Randolph Roth gave a public lecture at COSI After Dark entitled “How Violent Was the Old West?” on April 5th, 2018.

The Ohio State Chapter of Sigma Xi has a strong connection with The Columbus Science Museum, COSI: Centre Of Science and Industry. We sponsor talks for our members as part of the “COSI After Dark” program and nominate students and faculty to participate in various COSI interactive science outreach events. If you are interested in becoming a sponsored speaker, please contact us at


Professor Randolph Roth presents at COSI After Dark (04.05.18)


Farewell to Kelly Crowe

The Ohio State Chapter of Sigma Xi would like to thank Kelly Crowe for her service as our Director of Education and Outreach. Her efforts contributed to our missions of promoting public interest in scientific and engineering research and supporting the promise of science and technology to society through the recognition of researchers as members of Sigma Xi. Congratulations to Kelly and best of luck to her in her new position at Mount St. Joseph University.


Clark Spencer Larsen Named Distinguished University Professor

Our former chapter President and current executive board member Clark Spencer Larsen has been designated as a Distinguished University Professor.

Ohio State’s Office of Academic Affairs awards this permanent, honorific title of Distinguished University Professor on a competitive basis to full professors who have truly exceptional records in teaching, research, scholarly or creative work and service. One to three appointments may be awarded annually to faculty members who have been at Ohio State for at least five years.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Larsen on this honor.

Cooper begins term as president of Sigma Xi

Stuart L. Cooper, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, began his term as president of Sigma Xi, one of the world’s largest international scientific research honor societies. Sigma Xi advocates for strengthening our nation’s research programs and publishes American Scientist. At Ohio State, Sigma Xi offers the Grants in Aid of Research program for undergraduate and graduate students and Science Cafés to engage the public. Nominate your best researchers for membership. For more information, click here: