Science Café

The Science Café is a monthly seminar series that encourages a scientific understanding of the world through relaxed discussions of popular science topics. Open to the public, these evening seminars are co-sponsored by The Ohio State University Chapter of Sigma Xi and The Ohio State University Libraries and take place in various OSU libraries. Note: during the summer, Science Café seminars are held in Worthington libraries.

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Dr. Lane Wallace, an emeritus professor of pharmacology at The Ohio State University, presents at the Science Cafe about ” The Opioid Crisis”.


To give you an idea of the exciting discussions which you are welcome to join, please browse this list of Previous Science Café Speakers. Here is a quick taster of some previous seminar topics:

  • Ohio State Forests – a Long History of Birth and Re-Growth, seminar by John Dorka
  • Animal Cloning, No Longer Just Science Fiction, seminar by Erin Runcan
  • The Microbiome in Health and Disease: Bugs, Guts, and Drugs, seminar by Nicole Kwiek
  • Starting Off on the Right Paw – The Basics of Puppy Behavior and Problem Prevention, seminar by Meghan Herron
  • Past and Contemporary Climate Change: Evidence from Earth’s Ice Cover, seminar by Ellen Mosley Thompson

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In a similar format to our Sigma Xi Science Cafe Seminars, another group – known as Columbus Science Pub (CSP) – also holds regular public talks on various scientific topics.  If you are interested in finding out more about this group, please visit their Facebook page for more information.