Photos from Suds n’ Science – Byrd Polar Tour

The photos from our most recent Sigma Xi Suds n’ Science Tour are now available on our facebook page. Check them out here! 

Suds and Science events are where a host research group of Sigma Xi members present their research and guide a tour of their facilities. The tour group and host laboratory then adjourn to a campus pub for further discussions. These events provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about key research groups on campus and establish interdisciplinary collaborations. These “members first” events are open to the OSU community, but reservations are required and Sigma Xi members have the opportunity to sign up early.


Suds n’ Science Byrd Polar Tour (05-10-18)

Check out the photos from the 2018 Annual Banquet & Research Symposium

All photos from the 2018 Annual Banquet have been uploaded to a public album on our facebook page. Follow this link to view them!

The Ohio State Chapter of Sigma Xi Annual Banquet & Research Symposium. Monday April 9th 2018 at The Ohio Unions. Keynote Speakers: Dr. Lonnie Thomspon & Dr. Ellen Mosley-Thompson

Posted by The Ohio State Chapter of Sigma Xi on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Photos from April 4th Science Cafe Seminars

On April 4th, The Ohio State Chapter of Sigma Xi and Ohio State University Libraries hosted two seminar speakers at our monthly “Science Cafe” on the 3rd Floor of the 18th Avenue Library in the Research Commons.

Our first speaker was Dr. Emily De Los Reyes from Nationwide Children’s Hospital & OSU College of Medicine. Her talk was titled: “Neurological Disease, Alternatives to Care”. Our second speaker was Dr. Kerry Dhakal from OSU Health Sciences Library. Her talk was titled: “Exposing Fake News about Cannabinoids”.

If you are interested in speaking at future Science Cafe Seminars and have a topic in mind, please contact email

Dr. Emily De Los Reyes presents at Science Cafe (04.04.18)

Dr. Kerry Dhakal presents at Science Cafe (04.04.18)


Sigma Xi Annual Banquet

The Ohio State Chapter of Sigma Xi Annual Banquet and Research Symposium was a great success this year. Our Keynote speakers were Dr. Lonnie Thompson & Dr. Ellen Mosley-Thompson who presented an excellent lecture on “Past and Contemporary Climate Change: Evidence from Earth’s Cryosphere”. It was a wonderful lecture and we were pleased to be able to present both of our keynote speakers with an acknowledgment from national Sigma Xi of “Ellen and Lonnie Thompson Day” at Ohio State.

We also had poster presentations from winners of national and local Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research Awards as well as winners from the Hayes Graduate and Denman Undergraduate Research Forums on campus. From this all-star lineup, there was the difficult task of selecting the best poster presentations, which went to Rebecca Mayus, Emily Nordquist, and Alana Reese. Congratulations to all of the poster presenters, it was a fascinating research symposium.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the executive board and the volunteers who were essential to organizing the banquet and all of our activities this year. If you are interested in working more on some of the exciting programs we highlighted during the banquet (more details are at please let me know by email (

Finally, I’d like to remind you that each year our Sigma Xi Chapter awards competitive Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) to undergraduate and graduate student researchers and there is a great need to increase how many GIARs that we can award. You can help through tax-deductible donations to the OSU Campus Campaign or at any other time. There are also incentives for those who donate in support of research at Ohio State in 2018. Donations can be made at our website (


D.r Randolf Roth gives talk at COSI After Dark

Sigma Xi-nominated speaker, Professor Randolph Roth gave a public lecture at COSI After Dark entitled “How Violent Was the Old West?” on April 5th, 2018.

The Ohio State Chapter of Sigma Xi has a strong connection with The Columbus Science Museum, COSI: Centre Of Science and Industry. We sponsor talks for our members as part of the “COSI After Dark” program and nominate students and faculty to participate in various COSI interactive science outreach events. If you are interested in becoming a sponsored speaker, please contact us at


Professor Randolph Roth presents at COSI After Dark (04.05.18)


Dr. Weisleder Presents at COSI After Dark

On February 8th, our Chapter President, Dr. Noah Weisleder presented as part of the COSI After Dark Olympics program! His fascinating talk was titled “Bigger, Faster, Stronger: Changes in optimal performance in Olympian over the years”. He illustrated the changes in technique, talent, and physical specialization that have occurred since the early 1900’s, and how these changes correlate with improved athletic achievement in Olympians of various sports. Of particular interest was Dr. Weisleder’s comparison of two prominent Olympic gold medalists: Ohio State’s very own Jesse Owens and the Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt!

Sigma Xi supports the COSI After Dark program by providing speakers from our membership for their events. If you are interested in serving as a speaker in future COSI After Dark events please contact Kelly Crowe

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Sigma Xi supports OSU night at COSI

On November 3rd , Ohio State Sigma Xi executive board members shared information about Sigma Xi events, initiatives, and opportunities with Ohio State University families as a part of the OSU night at COSI. In this event, COSI welcomes Ohio State University students, faculty, staff and their families to explore science exhibits and hands-on activities. The annual OSU night at COSI is sponsored by University Housing, the Office of Student Life’s Parent and Family Relations office, and the Honors and Scholars office.

Sigma Xi information table during OSU night at COSI