Dual Degree Options, Interdisciplinary Specializations & Minors

Dual degree in Nursing and Public Health

The complex administrative environment of healthcare agencies has produced a demand for nurse executives trained in administrative management skills and techniques as well as in nursing science.  The Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Public Health Nursing dual degree option is offered to address these needs and to meet the challenges of the future.  The M.S. in Nursing program emphasizes knowledge and skills for advanced clinical practice, provides an understanding of the basic tools and techniques of management, and a working knowledge of the various functional areas of administration.  Advantages of the dual degree options include a more efficient integration of coursework and enhanced syntheses of knowledge from both academic areas.


Application requirements for the two programs that comprise the dual degree remain the same and students must apply and meet the admission criteria for each.  Admission to one does not guarantee admission to the other.

General information

Students must satisfy the credit hour requirements for each degree program.  A minimum of 50 percent of the hours counted toward the credit hour requirement for each degree must be unique to that degree and cannot be used for dual credit.  A Program Plan for Dual Degree Students form must be completed and submitted to the Graduate School within one semester or session of planning the integrated course of study with advisors from both degree programs.

Students interested in the dual degree options should contact nursing@osu.edu.

Interdisciplinary specializations and graduate minors

*Graduate nursing students may choose from among a large number of interdisciplinary specializations and graduate minors.  Additional information may be found on the Graduate School’s website at http://www.gradsch.ohio-state.edu/graduate-interdisciplinary-specializations.html

Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Aging

Any M.S. in Nursing student may enroll in the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Aging.  Students must apply to enroll in this specialization and must complete at least 14 hours of graduate coursework from the master list of courses, with the following specific requirements:

  • The required core curriculum, an integrated series of four courses;
  • Courses from two or more graduate programs outside the student’s major program;
  • Up to three credit hours in approved age-focused independent study.

At the time of graduation, students may seek to have the specialization designation appear on their transcript.  Students interested in this Specialization should discuss this option with their faculty advisor.  Additional information can be found at https://aging.osu.edu/.

Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Global Health

The Global Health specialization is designed as a way for students who are interested in playing a role in international health issues to become better aware of the issues and techniques for this kind of work.  There is a detailed list of requirements and courses to be found on the following website http://globalhealth.osu.edu/. 

College of Nursing faculty contact: Jen Kue at 614-292-4078 or via email at kue.2@osu.edu. 

Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in College and University Teaching

The College and University Teaching specialization is open to graduate or professional students who intend or are considering careers as college or university faculty. Students engage in a rigorous, structured exploration of theories and practice of university-level teaching, both in general and in their own discipline, and develop skills and experience that enable them as reflective, scholarly teachers. www.ucat.osu.edu/gis