Post-Master’s Option

Students who have an M.S. in Nursing and wish to take the coursework necessary to qualify to become certified in a new specialty may apply to our Post-Master’s option. These students must enroll as Graduate Non-Degree (GND), meaning they are not degree-seeking.  Additional information may be found on the website at

Please note that Post-Master’s students are not eligible for financial aid.  The Department of Education has confirmed that our program is not a Title IV eligible certificate program because the certificates are granted through a certification body and not from Ohio State.

Current national certification requirements dictate that the applicant for certification in a specialty must have completed a minimum of 500 hours in the population focused role. Additional clinical hours are required for some specialty tracks. Within the College of Nursing, additional clinical hour requirements for Post-Master’s students vary by specialty track and are determined on an individual basis after a comprehensive analysis conducted by the Nursing specialty program director or faculty advisor.  Clinical hours from previous preparation are no longer applicable to new specialty preparation. Additional courses to complete requirements for the new specialty may also be necessary before clinical preceptorships are initiated.