Graduate Entry Competencies for Pre-Licensure

Upon completion of the pre-licensure portion of the program Graduate Entry students are prepared to:

  • be a professional practitioner who embodies the values of the discipline of nursing, which include altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice.
  • demonstrate critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, rational inquiry, problem-solving skills, and creativity in identifying, framing, and solving nursing problems.
  • demonstrate effective communication, collaboration and negotiation skills with patients, families, and communities.
  • collaborate and negotiates as a member and leader within interdisciplinary healthcare teams.
  • perform comprehensive state-of-the-art assessment of patients, families, communities, and populations using current technologies and data from organizations and healthcare systems.
  • have the technical skills necessary to deliver safe and competent evidence-based nursing care.
  • have the knowledge and skills to promote health, reduce risk and prevent disease.
  • demonstrate cultural competence, compassion, and respect in the provision of healthcare.
  • be a politically aware individual who participates in the profession and the practice of nursing with a global perspective.
  • deliver quality nursing care that balances human, fiscal and material resources.
  • use traditional and developing methods of discovering, retrieving and managing information in nursing practice.
  • commit to life-long learning and professional career development.
  • design, manages, evaluates and coordinates healthcare in diverse settings.
  • be able to articulate a morally defensible position related to every day and complex healthcare issues.