Post-Master’s Courses

Students in the Post-Master’s option will have a curriculum plan created individually by the student’s faculty advisor based on the previous master’s coursework taken.  The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties provides a Gap Analysis form for Post-Graduate NP students, included below.  This form will be the basis of the gap analysis provided by the Ohio State faculty advisor.


Use this form for a student who is a nationally certified NP seeking partial credit or waiver of coursework towards completion of a post-master’s certificate in another NP practice area (e.g., a Pediatric NP seeking certification as a Family NP, or Adult PMH NP seeking across the lifespan PMH NP certification.).  The form should be completed after a thorough analysis of completed coursework and clinical experiences compared with the program requirements and national NP competencies necessary for certification in the second NP population-focused area of practice.

In column 1, list the courses for the standard required program of student required for preparation in the desired NP area of practice.

In column 2, list courses from the student’s transcript that will be used to waive courses from column 1.  List the course on the same or equivalent line as the course in column 1.

In column 3, identify and describe clinical hours and experiences needed to meet the required competencies for the new or desired area of NP practice.  The student must meet the clinical course requirements of the program of study using both clinical courses previously taken and indicated on the transcript and courses to be completed.

Current national certification requirements dictate that the applicant for certification in a specialty must have completed a minimum of 500 hours in the populations focused role.  Within the College of Nursing, additional clinical hour requirements for post-master’s students will vary by specialty track and are determined on an individual basis after a comprehensive analysis conducted by the Nursing specialty program director.  Hours from previous preparation are no longer applicable to new specialty preparation.  In addition, additional courses to complete requirements for the new specialty may be necessary before clinical preceptorships are initiated.

List all coursework to be completed for the certificate (all courses from column 1 not waived).  This column, in combination with column 3, will constitute the student’s individualized program of study.

Download the Post Masters GAP Analysis form.