Eligibility for the NCLEX Test

A program completion notification, approved by the Dean of the College of Nursing, will be sent to the Ohio Board of Nursing on Friday of finals week.  This will verify your successful completion of the nursing program; you do not need to provide a transcript.

You should receive an “Authorization to Test” shortly after the completion of the term.  You will need the ATT in order to schedule a date for the licensure exam.  You will need to bring the ATT and a valid/acceptable photo ID with you on exam day.   The Board of Nursing will mail your test results to you.  You will be issued a license if you are successful on the examination.

Criminal records checks required for licensure or certification by the Ohio Board of Nursing

Ohio Revised Code, Section 4723-09, requires that individuals applying for a license or certificate issued by the Ohio Board of Nursing must obtain a criminal records check that is completed by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCII), including a check of Federal Bureau of Investigation records.

The BCII no longer accepts ink-rolled fingerprints using the traditional cards.  Only electronic finger printing will be accepted.
You will find approximately 80 locations around the state which offer electronic fingerprinting when you access the following website.

http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov –>  Services   —>   WebCheck (Locations)

Be certain:

  • To choose a location on the website that has (NWC) listed after the name. These are the only locations that offer both the civilian (BCI) and the federal (FBI) check.
  • To identify the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) as the agency to receive the results. The results must come directly from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation to be valid.

You are encouraged to complete your background checks as early as possible; the results are valid for one year. A delay in the OBN receiving the results of background checks is the most common cause for a delay in receiving a nursing license in Ohio.

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