Orchard Planning

It is time for a guest blog post “Talking Vinton”

I received a call from a Vinton County resident and new friend of mine named Jim last week.  His daughter had purchased him 20 fruit trees on a good sale and he wanted advice on how to start an orchard.   There is no Ag Educator in Vinton at this time and I enjoy talking orchards so off I went down 93 South towards Vinton County.

First off was a tour of the property.  It is absolutely breathtaking.  Jim is a builder by trade and a good one at that.  He showed me some of the 13 ponds that he dug himself.  This one was great for bass until the upstream source tributary region was strip mined.  Now it is a brilliant blue from the mineral drainage.



Jim saved two cabins that are over 200 years old due for demolition in Fairfield County and brought them to his land.



Not a bad view from the porch.


On to some actual Orchard talk.  Jim has a great spot high on a hill, slight north face, with the sun tracking along its length.  He will be able to spread the trees out on 15-20 foot centers,  avoid frost damage due to the cold air rolling down hill and be able to put a fence along the periphery to keep the deer out.   We took a look at the various fruit varieties(Jim stored them in a truck up on the hill to protect them from deer and frost) and discussed making sure all had the proper pollinators.



I think the orchard is going to turn out great and I told Jim I will be back late spring and early summer for a follow up.  If you have any fruit or vegetable questions give me a call at Extension in Hocking(Even if you are from Vinton, no problem)

Ohio State has a publication that we used as a reference that is helpful.  The Midwest Home Fruit Production Guide.

CLICK HERE to order the hard copy.   CLICK HERE to download a free PDF copy to save to your computer.


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