Bremen Farmer’s Produce Auction

I spent the afternoon near Bremen to get a feel for what the produce auction near Bremen has to offer.  If you have not been or heard of it, it is an outlet for growers, mostly local Amish to sell home grown produce, baked goods, decorative items and flowers in an auction setting.  It serves larger buyers of huge lots down to single folks who want a peck of green beans.  I had a blast.  Even with the season winding down the variety was totally worth the trip and I filled my truck with fresh veggies.  It is easy to get caught up in the bidding.  Here is a sample of the smaller lots of produce:bremen produce 1 bremen produce 2

While this auction is not located in Hocking County, its location is close enough that it would be a powerful resource for a person, family or groups to get great deals on fresh homegrown produce to feed or to preserve.  I will be back.  Look for me to bid heavily around strawberry season.  Thanks to Carla Johnson for showing me around.

Note: They only take cash, make sure you keep track of your tally.


Weekly produce reports

Welcome to the Fair

I admit that I love the fair.  I love the food, the energy, the animals and watching the shows.  Having the fair right outside my door makes this the best week of work all year.  Here is my view as I walk in to work.


fair morning big

                                                                                 All the animals were just waking up and enjoying breakfast.

fair bfast 1         bunny morning

Made me hungry too

eggs baconLots of good food to eat at the Fair.

Stinkiest. Mushroom. Ever.

My thanks to Charlotte Shaw for sending me this picture of a type of mushroom growing in her yard.  It is in the Stinkhorn family and the way they spread is to excrete a tremendously smelling substance that attracts bugs who eat the mushroom and spread the spores as they land in other places.



stinkhorn 1


Netted Stinkhorn/Wood Witch

Thanks Charlotte!



Extension on the Radio

A tremendous thanks to Jimmy Kay and all the folks at 98.3 SAM FM for allowing me to come on this past Thursday, introduce myself, and promote the services we offer as well as some upcoming 4-H and Hocking County Fair information.  I look forward to doing quarterly updates on Extension happenings and hope you tune in and find them helpful.   As a side note, the brown chair they allow us to use while doing interviews may well be the most comfortable chair on the planet. studio 2

Beef School Dates

The Ohio State University Extension Beef Team would like to announce the dates for the 2016 Ohio Beef Cattle School that will take place next winter. The dates for the school will be January 19, February 2, and February 16. These are all Tuesdays and the programs will begin at 7:00 p.m. each evening.

These sessions will follow a similar format used in the past as each session will be broadcast locally via an internet link. University Educators and industry representatives have served as resource persons that have addressed a wide variety of topics relating to beef cattle production. Participants will be able to interact with the speakers by posting questions via the internet at each location.

The topic detail has not been finalized, please check back with the ANR blog to see an update when we know more.

No question too big or small

This little guy was brought in by a county resident who found him (her?) wandering around his house.   It is a millipede (Narceus spp) that is common in Ohio.  It is one of, if not the largest, species in the east.  They are harmless to humans and are beneficial in the environment by breaking down organic matter sort of like earthworms.  This dude was released outside the extension office to complete its life’s work.  If you have a question for us at Extension give us a call at 740-385-3222.  milli pic