How do you pronounce your last name?  Hop-E

How can I get in touch? E-mail  hoppe.19@osu.edu

How can I follow you? @HoppeWatch on Instagram & Twitter and LinkedIn

Can I have a clean copy of your CV?   2020_CV_Erin J Hoppe

Can you tell me a little more about you?
     Like everything and everyone else, I am becoming.  I am passionate about lifelong learning and breaking down barriers in the cultural sector.  In no particular order, I advocate, research, administrate, teach, make & write, and bird watch (330+ species on my life list).  I am PhD student in the Department of Art Administration, Education, and Policy at The Ohio State University.   I am working on a Cultural Policy specialization and honored to be a Barnett Fellow.   I spent 14+ years as a practitioner, which influences all my work and drives inquiry into art administrator identity, being, and professional development.  I want to shrink gaps between research and practice/praxis.
Like Heraclitus, I believe no person steps into the same river twice.  We exist in un/fixed positions.  We are all some kind of Other.  It’s good to let go of dichotomies because there is always a continuum.  I’m somewhere between radical and conventional.  I believe in many truths and that facts are interpretations.  I accept uncertainty, temporality, and the centrality of power, and explore them for social justice efforts.  You can find me on the post-structural side of things, trying to defy categories and queer genres, grounding myself in attention to lived experiences, and performativity while following all the rhizomes.

Which scholars influence your thinking?
     In no particular order, and my apologies to any thinker I’ve left out but will still make it into my dissertation: Sara Ahmed, Lauren Berlant, Judith Butler, Elizabeth St. Pierre, Michel Foucault, Audre Lorde, Roland Barthes, etc…

What’s your teaching philosophy?
You can find that on the teaching section of this website.

Here’s a picture of an About Me zine I made for a course in AU19 using an OSU Alumni Magazine. 

*Side bar photo credit: Jessica Pissini