New Chapter in New Book, Remaking Spaces During COVID-19

Excited to share a new publication!

Skaggs, R., Hoppe, E. J., and Burke, M. J. (2023) Out of office: The broader implications of changing spaces and places in arts-based work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Remaking culture and music spaces. Affects, infrastructures, futures. Woodward, I., Haynes, J., Berkers, P., Dillance, A., and Golemo, L. (Eds). Routledge.

Remaking Culture and Music Spaces: Affects, Infrastructures, Futures (2023)

About this book with international perspectives:
This collection analyses the remaking of culture and music spaces during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Its central focus is how cultural producers negotiated radically disrupted and uncertain conditions by creating, designing, and curating new objects and events, and through making alternative combinations of practices and spaces. Click the link to read more and order a copy on the Routledge website.

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