Call for Participants – Dissertation Research

Call for participants: Dissertation Research - back and gold stylized
My dissertation research has officially launched! I’m currently seeking arts administrators (age 18+) working full time at arts/cultural organizations anywhere in the United States to participate in this inquiry, which asks:

How do the embodied experiences of female arts administrators affect the field of nonprofit arts administration?

There are 2 ways to participate:

1) commitment to multiple interviews/co-creating artistic product/s; or
2) responding to a call for art/ifacts.

To learn more about the project and how you can participate click here.

This research tells narrative, arts-based, queer stories about how, what, and why art admins do their work, and inextricable links between institutional policies and lived experiences. A critical arts-based inquiry invites co-creation and co-meaning-making to foster a more ethical research process.

Additional research questions include:

  • What role does creativity play in the lives of arts administrators, and what might it teach us about the field’s ontology and epistemology?
  • What can queer theory teach us about arts administration and its professionals? (Dare I ask.)
  • What political stakes might we claim about the field of arts administration from a queer, critical arts-based inquiry linking the systemic and the corporeal?

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