Art/s Admins Who?

Art Administrators “create, develop, facilitate, and evaluate arts and cultural programs and organizations.”
– Association of Arts Administration Educators

“Any arts administrator worth their salt should be able to sell a ticket, plan an invasion, make brunch, conn a ship, design a brochure, write a sonnet, balance the books, build a wall, carry a tune, comfort the board, take orders, give orders, ignore orders, implement orders, act alone, be a team player, solve equations, analyze data, give an elevator pitch, program a computer, herd cats, and look fabulous doing it.  Specialization is for suckers.”


I’m documenting art administrator voices in my podcast, Art/s Admins, Who?  This project is supported by the Barnett Center for Integrated Arts and Enterprise.  Click the image on the right column on this blog to hear us out.

I’m always collecting literature on WHO art administrators are.  If you have a great resource you are willing to share, please fill out the form below.  Thanks in advance!

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Hello world!

Hi, my name is Erin Hoppe. I am a PhD student of art and cultural policy @ OSU. I read, write, make, and question things that break down barriers in the creative sector. Think about the people who make theatres, galleries, and festivals come to life, working to build community and promote creativity. But different than that because I’m more theory than praxis right now and every fact is an interpretation and art is a power structure.

I believe multiple truths exist. I endeavor to bring some of them to light to broaden awareness of and possibilities for administrators, artists, and educators in the creative sector.  We are all some kind of Other.  My research aims to bring some of the Otherness to light in order to broaden inclusion and participation in the creative sector.  I accept uncertainty, temporality, and power, and explore them for social justice efforts.

Portrait of Erin, chest up, black blazer, beige shirt with black polka dots