Cost and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Our health economists provide services to help clients assess the cost-effectiveness and/or cost benefit of their projects. Our researchers can help identify the underlying direct and indirect costs of projects, to help decision makers understand the financial implications of policy and operational decisions.


Program Evaluation

We evaluate health-related programs and initiatives undertaken by health care systems, community groups, and other organizations. We can monitor and assess the success of programs over time, and measure the true impact that these programs are having on individuals and communities.


Health Policy Analysis

We conduct studies and analyze available data to help policy makers develop plans, make decisions, and take actions to understand and implement policies at institutional and governmental levels. Our analytical and statistical skills assist policymakers to create effective policy and measure the impact of policies enacted.


Health Services Research

We perform studies that address the cost and effectiveness of health care service delivery, access to care, quality of care, health information technology, and patient safety. Health services research is highly interdisciplinary.


CER Online Training Modules

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) is a field of study that utilizes data generation (new studies) and synthesis (comparisons of existing studies) to provide evidence identifying best practices and policies related to improving health care. CER studies are generally conducted after randomized controlled trials (RCTs). RCTs determine efficacy or how well a treatment works under ideal conditions. CER studies examine effectiveness by comparing one or more treatments, procedures or medications to determine what works best for which patients under real world conditions.  The CCTS, with funding from the National Institutes of Health, developed a CER Learning Center consisting of online modules covering a broad range of CER methods and application topics.