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The Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Evaluation Studies conducts studies in the areas of health services research, outcomes measurement, health economics, survey research, program evaluation, and health policy analysis. Our studies are performed by doctorally-trained faculty and researchers affiliated with The Ohio State University, along with specialized research personnel with expertise in the areas required to meet specific project needs. Our current areas of work include the issues of COVID-19, addiction and overdose prevention, reproductive health, health care financing and access, and public health infrastructure.


The Center for HOPES works with state leadership at a number of levels regarding Ohio’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through our work on the state’s Covid Response Team, the Ohio Economic Roundtable, and COVID-19 Analytics & Targeted Surveillance for Schools, we bring high-quality evidence and rigorous analysis to the table as public decision makers continue to respond to the crisis and move through recovery.

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The opioid epidemic continues to ravage American communities, including many in Ohio. Through federal grants from the CDC and NIH, the Center collaborates with partners in Ohio, Kentucky, New York, and Massachusetts to improve surveillance, response, and prevention of opioid overdose and opioid misuse disorder.

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As Ohio continues to struggle with one of the highest levels of both infant and maternal mortality in the nation, it is imperative that our health care, public health, and social service systems take a holistic view of maternal and child health — one that addresses these outcomes within the broader context of the reproductive life course. The Center’s work in reproductive health particularly focuses on addressing social inequities and structural injustices that drive the startling racial disparities in maternal and infant mortality in Ohio and the US.

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Health insurance coverage is instrumental to access to health care services. In addition to including health insurance coverage in our analyses of broader health outcomes (like those above), the Center monitors trends in insurance coverage itself. We are particularly interested in issues of equity and continuity in coverage, and their role in both health outcomes and economic mobility.

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The silver lining of contemporary public health crises (including the COVID-19 pandemic and recognition of systemic racism as a threat to the public’s health) is increased recognition from administrators, elected officials, and private citizens that our nation’s public health infrastructure is in desperate need of attention and investment. Because policy and funding decisions related to health equity and health outcomes are ultimately tied to public health infrastructure, much of the Center’s work can be included in this space. Public health workforce development and continuing education is area of special interest to our team.

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