2020 Annual Report

The Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Evaluation Studies (HOPES) experienced unprecedented growth in terms of both staff and projects during 2020. Despite the many uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hired three new team members, co-authored seven publications, and were awarded ten new grants and/or contracts for service.

As we look forward to another productive and fruitful year of community engagement, policy and program evaluation, and research translation and dissemination, we thank each of our colleagues, partners, and stakeholders for your support in 2020.

Inside the Center for HOPES 2020 Annual Report you’ll find:

  • A letter from Center Director, Dr. Eric Seiber
  • A report summary and year-in-review
  • A brief summary of the Center’s history, budget, and staff
  • Highlights from new projects
  • Updates on continuing efforts
  • An overview of engagement and dissemination activities
  • Areas of opportunity and a forecast for 2021

Download and read the full report.

You can find the Center’s 2019 Annual Report here.