Meet our Research Assistants

Throughout the year, the Center for HOPES is honored to host both graduate and undergraduate students. Our research assistants often spend several semesters with us, working with the Center team to conduct policy-relevant health research. As students, they bring new perspectives and energy to the Center, while receiving academic and professional mentorship from our staff and refining their analytical and written and oral communication skills.


Summer 2022

Reno Domel headshotReno Domel

Candidate for MSc in Advanced Computer Science, University of Oxford

Hometown: Sleepy Hollow, Illinois

Research interests: Public health, medicine, mental health, machine learning, data science

Education: BS in Computer Science, University of Notre Dame

How Reno got connected to the Center for HOPES: “I was connected through a peer, Kyle Moon, who knew of my interests in data science and its application to the fields of health care and health policy.”

What Reno hopes to do when he finishes his master’s degree: “I hope to apply my computer science and data science skills in the fields of health care and medicine.”

Reno provides analytical support on a number of the Center’s health care financing and access projects.

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Michael Partridge headshotMichael Partridge

Candidate for BS in Economics, BA in Spanish, The Ohio State University

Hometown: Upper Arlington, Ohio

Research interests: Health policy, health care financing, cost-effectiveness analysis

How Michael got connected to the Center for HOPES: “I took a health economics course in the fall and really enjoyed the class and application of economics to the field of health care. I decided to look into research positions in health policy at Ohio State and found the Center for HOPES.”

What Michael hopes to do when he finishes his undergraduate education: “I hope to go to graduate school for a doctorate in Economics. A dream job of mine post graduate school is working at the World Bank on Latin American development. It would be the perfect intersection of all my interests (Micheal is an avid world traveler. – ed).”

Michael provides analytical support on a number of the Center’s health care financing and access projects.

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Summer 2021-Spring 2022

Bucky Foster

Master of Public Health candidate, Division of Epidemiology (Ohio State University College of Public Health)

Hometown: Powell, Ohio

Research interests: Health equity, LGBTQ+ health, HIV/AID treatment quality and global access, abortion care quality and access

Education: BS in Biomedical Science, Ohio State University College of Medicine; minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

How Bucky got connected to the Center for HOPES: “Working with OPEN (the Ohio Policy Evaluation Network) got me working at the College of Public Health where I totally fell in love with combining science and social activism. I came to the Center for HOPES to strengthen that connection even more.”

What Bucky hopes to do when they finish their MPH: “I hope to go on to earn my PhD in Epidemiology. My dream job is to become a professor instructing on HIV/AIDS epidemiology and population health interventions.”

Bucky provides analytical and operational support on Dr. Figueroa‘s RISE Study.

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Kyle Moon

Candidate for BS in Neuroscience & Behavior, University of Notre Dame

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Research interests: Public health, environmental justice, mental health, epidemiology

How Kyle got connected to the Center for HOPES: “Prior to working at the Center for HOPES, I was a clinical research intern at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where I was mentored by Dr. Saira Nawaz. Dr. Nawaz has served as my mentor for the past four years, bringing me to the Center, where I have worked on research projects focused on civic engagement, racism measurement, mental health, and COVID-19.”

What Kyle hopes to do when he finishes his BS: “After graduating from Notre Dame, I’m planning to pursue a 1-to-2 year research fellowship to refine my research interests and skills, and hopefully enter an MD/PhD program (pursuing a graduate program in public health) thereafter.”

Kyle provides research support on a number of Center projects related to program evaluation.

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Spring-Summer 2020 

Evan Goldstein

Doctoral candidate, Division of Health Services Management & Policy (Ohio State University College of Public Health)

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Research interests: Health care policy research; health services research

Education: Master of Public Policy, Queens’ College, University of Cambridge; BA in Economics, Tulane University

Why Evan chose The Ohio State University’s College of Public Health: “The program is small but intensive, affording incredible resources, faculty interaction and support, and research and teaching opportunities. The program is housed in a division that has a world-class health care administration program. There are also ample training and learning opportunities with top-ranked graduate programs at Ohio State, including connections with the colleges of medicine, nursing, public affairs, business, and arts and sciences. The faculty, program, and Graduate School will genuinely invest in your development.”

Evan provides analytical support on several HOPES projects as he wraps up his dissertation research.

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Selasi Attipoe

Doctoral candidate, Division of Health Services Management & Policy

Home country: Ghana

Research interests: Organizational management; health information technology; health and wellness

Education: MA in Kinesiology and BS in Kinesiology, University of Maryland

Why Selasi decided to pursue her PhD: “During my time at the Department of Defense Center of Excellence, the Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP), I became fascinated with how health organizations operate and positively influence people, as well as how health technology affects efficiency and employee well-being. I decided to expand the depth and scope of my expertise and research abilities to include these interests. I am currently exploring some of these topics through my dissertation work.”

Selasi provides analytical and organizational support on several HOPES projects as she conducts her dissertation research.

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Brian O’rourke

Doctoral student, Division of Health Services Management & Policy

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Research interests: End of Life Care & Advanced Care Planning, Resource Allocation & Rationing, Politics of Health Policy, Ethics

Education: BA in Biology, Case Western Reserve University. MA in Bioethics, Case Western Reserve University

Why Brian decided to pursue his PhD: “It originated after spending a lot of time volunteering at a large health care system during my undergraduate years: I found myself frustrated seeing these brand new all-glass buildings and giant art collections adorning the hallways while at the same knowing that in the surrounding Cleveland neighborhoods, a significant proportion of individuals could not even receive basic health care services due to a lack of insurance or underinsurance. I thought a PhD would be a great way to learn about the system and eventually do meaningful research on it.”

Brian provides analytical support on several HOPES projects as he continues his doctoral coursework.

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