Workshop #3 – Data Assimilation 11-14 May 2021


The overall goals of the workshop are to develop a common framework for large-scale coral-bleaching studies so that results can be readily compared among studies. The specific goals are to:

i. Determine the data we need to enhance coral-bleaching research at the molecular, physiological, and ecological level; assess data availability, accessibility, quality and comparability.
ii. Assess what metadata are necessary for molecular, physiological, and ecological data to enhance coral-bleaching data utility.
iii. Assess which processes should be prioritized to connect molecular, physiological, and ecological studies on coral bleaching.

When: 11-14 May 2021

Where: Online virtual workshop (via Zoom)

Workshop leader: Robert van Woesik (

Workshop co-leader: Andréa Grottoli, Rebecca Vega Thurber, Robert Toonen, Mark Warner

How to apply? Applications are now closed.

Workshop participants:

Albright, Rebecca California Academy of Science
Chapron, Leila Ohio State University
Crandall, Eric Pennsylvania State University
DeCarlo, Tom Hawaii Pacific University
Donovan, Mary University of California – Santa Barbara
Eirin-Lopez, Jose Florida International Unviersity
Grottoli, Andrea Ohio State University
Harrison, Hugo James Cook University
Heron, Scott James Cook University
Huang, Danwei National University of Singapore
Hulver, Ann Marie Ohio State University
Humanes Schumann, Adrianna Newcastle University
Krueger, Thomas Cambridge University
Madden, Josh University of Hawaii
Manzello, Derek NOAA
Matz, Misha University of Texas – Austin
McLachlan, Rowan Ohio State University
McManus, Lisa University of Hawaii
Muller, Erinn Mote Marine Laboratory
Puotenen, Marji Australian Institute of Marine Science
Rodriguez-Lanetty, Mauricio Florida International University
Shlesinger, Tom Florida Institute of Technology
Thornhill, Dan National Science Foundation
Toonen, Robert University of Hawaii
van Woesik, Robert Florida Institute of Technology
Vega Thurber, Rebecca Oregon State University
Vega-Rodriguez, Maria University of South Florida
Voolstra, Christian University of Konstanz
Warner, Mark University of Delaware
Zaneveld, Jesse University of Washington

Questions? Contact the Coral Bleaching RCN Director Andrea Grottoli ( or Robert van Woesik (