Mini-Workshop #4 and Networking Event

The overall goals of the mini-workshop is to bring together all past workshop participants to foster interactions across workshop topics and disciplines to:

i. Develop a prospective paper on what is next for the field of coral bleaching research.
ii. Facilitate networking interactions and formation of new collaboration that span disciplines.

When: 2 July 2022

Where: In person pre-ICRS symposium mini-workshop event, Bremen, Germany

Workshop leader: Andrea G Grottoli (

Workshop co-leader: Rebecca Vega Thurber, Robert Toonen

Participants: All past CBRCN workshop participants were invited to participate.

CBRCN Workshop 4 Group Photo. Bremen, Germany 2 July 2022

Workshop participants:

Barrott, Katie University of Pennsylvania
Baums, Iliana Pennsylvania State University
Castillo, Karl University of North Carolina
Chapron, Leila Observatoire Oceanoglogique – Banyuls
Coffroth, Mary-Alice University at Buffalo
Combosh, David University of Guam
Correa, Adrienne Rice University
Crandall, Eric Pennsylvania State University
Donahue, Megan University of Hawaii – Manoa
Eirin-Lopez, Jose Florida International Unviersity
Felis, Thomas Unviersity of Bremen
Ferrier-Pages, Christine Centre Scientifique de Monaco
Grottoli, Andrea Ohio State University
Harrison, Hugo James Cook University
Heron, Scott James Cook University
Huang, Danwei National University of Singapore
Hulver, Ann Marie Ohio State University
Humanes Schumann, Adrianna Newcastle University
Kenkel, Carly University of Southern California
Krueger, Thomas Cambridge University
Kuffner, Ilsa United State Geological Survey
Madden, Josh University of Hawaii
Manzello, Derek NOAA
Matz, Misha University of Texas – Austin
McManus, Lisa University of Hawaii
Medina, Monica Pennsylvania State University
Muller, Erinn Mote Marine Laboratory
Padilla-Gamino, Jaqueline University of Washington
Putnam, Hollie University of Rhode Island
Schmeltzer, Emily Oregon State University
Sewall, Yvonne Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
Shlesinger, Tom Florida Institute of Technology
Sweet, Michael University of Derby
Toonen, Robert University of Hawaii – Manoa
Vega Thurber, Rebecca Oregon State University
Voolstra, Christian University of Konstanz
Weis, Virginia Oregon State University
Wild, Christian University of Bremen
Wu, Henry ZMT – Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research

Questions? Contact the Coral Bleaching RCN Director Andrea Grottoli (