Workshop #1 – Experimental Design Protocol Recommendations 22-24 May 2019

The goal of this workshop will be to create and make available the following tools:

i. Recommendations for coral bleaching experimental designs so that results can be more easily compared among studies
ii. Recommendation for baseline variable(s) that all studies should strive to include to facilitate cross study comparisons
iii. Recommendations for units to be used for reporting measurements.
iv. A list of ongoing experiments so new researchers can propose collaborations to make additional measurements within, or contributions to, existing studies

When:  22-24 May 2019

Where:  School of Earth Science, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Workshop leader: Andréa Grottoli (

Workshop co-leaders: Rebecca Vega Thurber, Robert van Woesik, Robert Toonen, Mark Warner

Workshop participants:

Keisha Bahr University of Hawaii
Iliana Baums Pennsylvania State University
Karl Castillo U North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Mary Alice Coffroth University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Ross Cunning Shedd Aquarium
Kerri Dobson Ohio State University
Meghan Donahue University of Hawaii
Andrea Grottoli Ohio State University
Jim Hench Duke University
Roberto Iglesias-Prieto Pennsylvania State University
Dusty Kemp University of Alabama
Carly Kenkel U. of Southern California
Davey Kline Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Ilsa Kuffner United States Geological Survey
Jennifer Matthews U. of Technology – Sydney
Anderson Mayfield Nat’ Oceanic & Atmospheric Assoc.
Rowan McLachlan Ohio State University
Jackie Padilla-Gamino University of Washington
Steve Palumbi Stanford Unviersity
James Price Ohio State University
Robert Toonen University of Hawaii
Robert van Woesik Florida Institute of TEchnology
Rebecca Vega Thurber Oregon State University
Christian Voolstra King Abdullah University – KAUST
Mark Warner University of Delaware
Virginia Weiss Oregon State University
Henry Wu Lieibniz Center Trop Mar Res (ZMT)

How to apply? Complete and submit the Application Form and the pre-workshop Activity Form to the Coral Bleaching RCN Director Andréa Grottoli ( by 12 December 2018. Applications are CLOSED.

Questions? Contact the Coral Bleaching RCN Director Andréa Grottoli (