Workshop #2 – Sample Archiving Protocol Recommendations 1-3 July 2020


The goal of this workshop will be to create and make available the following tools:

i. Recommendations for the preservation and archiving experimentally derived samples so that they can be shared effectively for additional downstream analyses
ii. A list of archived coral bleaching samples and ongoing experiments available for additional research and collaboration
iii. Provide a platform for the formation of multi-PI interdisciplinary teams to address the most pressing themes in coral bleaching research (i.e., bleaching mechanisms, bleaching recovery processes, and bleaching resistance and refugia)


When: 1-3 July 2020 (a pre-ICRS workshop)

Where: MARUM, Bremen, Germany

Workshop leader: Rebecca Vega Thurber (

Workshop co-leaders: Andréa Grottoli, Robert van Woesik, Robert Toonen, Mark Warner, Thomas Felis

How to apply? Complete and submit the Application Form and the pre-workshop Activity Form to this workshop’s leader Dr. Rebecca Vega Thurber ( 13 December 2019.

Questions? Contact the Coral Bleaching RCN Director Andréa Grottoli ( or this workshop’s leader Dr. Rebecca Vega Thurber (