Workshop #2 – Sample Archiving 30 June -3 July 2020 (virtual)


The goal of this workshop will be to:

i. Assess current methods in sample collection, preservation, and long-term storage
ii. Develop a flow-chart of all downstream analyses that are possible with a giving collection, preservation, and storage approach.
iii. Develop a common framework for sample preservation and archiving to enhance the potential for additional downstream analyses and collaborations.
iv. Compile a list of archived samples from workshop participants to test the ability of researchers to develop collaborations to test new hypotheses using archived samples.

When: 30 June – 3 July 2020

Where: Online Virtual Workshop (via Zoom)

Workshop leader: Rebecca Vega Thurber (

Workshop co-leaders: Andréa Grottoli, Robert van Woesik, Robert Toonen, Mark Warner, Thomas Felis

Workshop participants:

Barrot, Katie Pennsylvania State University
Barshis, Dan Old Dominion University
Baumann, Justin U. of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Chapron, Leila Ohio State University
Combosch, David University of Guam
Correa, Adrienne Rice University
DeCarlo, Thomas King Abdullah U. of Science & Tech
Dobson, Kerri Ohio State University
Felis, Tom University of Bremen
Ferrier-Pagès, Christine Centre Scientific Monoco
Grottoli, Andréa Ohio State University
Hedoiun, Laetitia Centre Nat’l de la Recherche Sci.
Hoadley, Kenneth University of Alabama
Kenkel, Carly University of Southern California
Kuffner, Ilsa United States Geological Survey
McLachlan, Rowan Ohio State University
Medina, Monica Pennsylvania State University
Meyer, Chris Smithsonian Institute
Hagedorn, Mary Smithsonian Institute
Oster, Corinna University of Bremen
Price, Jamie Ohio State University
Putnam, Hollie University of Rhode Island
Sawall, Yvonne Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
Schmeltzer, Emily Oregon State University
Thornhill, Dan National Science Foundation
Toonen, Rob University of Hawaii
van Woesik, Rob Florida Institute of Technology
Vega Thurber, Rebecca Oregon State University
Warner, Mark University of Deleware

Questions? Contact the Coral Bleaching RCN Director Andréa Grottoli ( or this workshop’s leader Dr. Rebecca Vega Thurber (