Past Fieldwork

Past research have included the following:

  1. the interactive effect of elevated temperature and ocean acidification on corals
  2. the effect of repeat bleaching on Caribbean coral adaptation and  acclimation
  3. the effect of bleaching on the acquisition, allocation, and utilization of carbon in bleached and recovering corals
  4. the effect of land-use on the concentration and isotopic character of organic and inorganic carbon in tropical and temperature streams
  5. the history of land-use change in tropical streams as recorded in coral skeletal records
  6. paleoceanography of the western tropical Pacific using coral, sclerosponge, and gorgonian isotope and elemental records
  7. coral skeletal cadmium-based paleoceanography of upwelling in the eastern tropical Pacific

This work spanned many countries and states.  A selection of photographs from these expeditions are below.  Results from past research are published and can be viewed through the Publications link on the right-hand toolbar.