Publicly Available Surveys

Here are downloadable data sets from surveys conducted between 1990 and 2023 under the auspices of the Comparative National Elections Project.  Researchers may use these data sets free of charge, but we ask that you fill out the user information form on the Datasets landing page before downloading them.

The [CountryName/Year].Fin files contain all of the variables included in the original survey, as well as CNEP common-core items that have been harmonized to facilitate cross-national comparison and analysis. Variables with an A through N prefix in these data sets are CNEP core items. Other variables (identified with a .Z suffix following the variable name) may be specific to the country or to a particular election.  The Party and Leader Codes presents the names of the parties and candidates for each survey that are otherwise given generic names in the data set.  Tech Info presents pertinent details of each survey.  The Core Questionnaire is the current (2024) version of the questionnaire.  It will not necessarily present the wording of items that we have dropped from the Core over the past three decades. For that information, users are directed to the PDF of the original questionnaire for each survey.  The Merged data file (Merge63) includes only standardized CNEP common-core items from these 63 surveys.






Technical Reports Macro Reports &
Election Summaries
Questionnaire Survey SPSS File
Germany 1990 See Below Germany 1990 Germany 1990 See
G. Britain 1992 See Below Britain 1992 CN1UK1992.Fin
USA 1992 See Below USA 1992 USA 1992 CN2USA1992.Fin
Japan 1993 Japan 1993 Japan 1993 JP93 original
Spain 1993 See Below Spain 1993 Spain 1993 CN2Spain1993.Fin
Chile 1993 See Below Chile 1993 Chile 1993 CN2Chile1994.Fin
Uruguay 1994 See Below Uruguay 1994 Uruguay 1994 CN2Uruguay1994.Fin
Bulgaria 1996 See Below Bulgaria 1996 Bulgaria 1996 CN2Bulgaria1996.Fin
Greece 1996 See Below Greece 1996 Greece 1996 CN2Greece1996.Fin
Italy 1996 See Below Italy 1996 Italy 1996 CN2Italy1996.Fin
Hong Kong 98 See Below HongKong 98 HongKong 98 CN2HongKong1998.Fin
Hungary 1998 See Below Hungary 1998 Hungary 1998 CN2Hungary1998.Fin
Indonesia 1999 See Below Indonesia 1999 Indonesia 1999 CN2Indonesia1999.Fin
Chile 2000 See Below Chile 2000 CN3Chile1999.Fin
Greece 2004 See Below Greece 2004 Greece 2004 CN3Greece2004.Fin
Indonesia 2004 See Below Indonesia04 Indonesia04 CN3Indonesia2004.Fin
Mozambique 04  See Below Mozambique04 Mozambique04 CN3Mozambique04.Fin
South Africa 04 See Below South Africa 04 CN3SouthAfrica2004.Fin
Spain 2004 See Below Spain 2004 Spain 2004 CN3Spain2004.Fin
Taiwan 2004 See Below Taiwan 2004 Taiwan 2004 CN3Taiwan2004.Fin
Uruguay 2004 See Below Uruguay 2004 Uruguay 2004 CN3Uruguay2004.Fin
USA 2004 See Below USA 2004 USA 2004 CN3USA2004.Fin
Portugal 2005 See Below Portugal 2005 Portugal 2005 CN3Portugal2005.Fin
Hungary 2006 See Below Hungary 2006 Hungary 2006 CN3Hungary2006.Fin
Italy 2006 See Below Italy 2006 Italy 2006 CN3Italy2006.Fin
Mexico 2006 See Below Pre-election Post CN3Mexico2006.Fin
Argentina 2007 See Below Argentina07 CN3argentina2007.Fin
PR China 2008 See Below China 2008 China 2008 CN3China2008.Fin
Indonesia 2009 See Below  Indonesia 2009 CN4Indonesia2009.Fin
South Africa 09 See Below  South Africa 09 CN4SouthAfrica2009.Fin
DomincanRep.10  DomRep2010  DomRep 2010  DomRep2010 CN4DomRep2010.Fin
Spain 2011  Spain2011  PreElection Post CN4Spain2011.Fin
Mexico 2012  Mexico2012  Mexico 2012 CN4Mexico2012.Fin
USA 2012  USA 2012  USA 2012  USA2012 CN4USA2012.Fin
Kenya 2013 T-Kenya-2013  Kenya2013  CN4Kenya2013.Fin
Italy 2013 See Below  Italy2013  CN4Italy2013.Fin
S. Africa 2014 S.Africa 2014 S.Af.14 Macro SouthAfrica2014 CN4SouthAfrica2014.Fin
Colombia 2014 See Below  Colombia2014  CN4Colombia 2014.Fin
Indonesia 2014 Indonesia2014 Indonesia2014 CN4Indonesia2014.Fin
TurkeyPres2014 Turkey2014 Turkey2014 CN4Turkey2014.Fin
Portugal 2015 See below Portugal2015 CN4Portugal2015.Fin
Spain 2015 SeeSp15Ques Sp15Ques CN4Spain2015.Fin
Greece 2015 See below CN4Greece2015.Fin
G. Britain 2017 See below GB2017Codebook CN4GB2017.Fin
Germany 2017 See below Ger2017Ques CN4Germany2017.Fin
France 2017 See below France2017Ques CN4France2017.Fin
Chile 2017 See below Chile2017Ques CN4Chile2017
Mexico 2018 Mexico2018 Mexico2018 CN4Mexico2018.Fin
Italy 2018 See below Italy2018 CN4Italy2018.Fin
Colombia 2018 See below Colombia2018 CN4Colombia2018.Fin
HongKong 2015 See below CN4HongKong2015.Fin
Iran 2016 See Below CN4Iran2016Ques CN4Iran2016.Fin
Russia 2016 Russ2016Tech CN4Russia2016.Ques CN4Russia2016.Fin
Taiwan 2016 See below CN4Taiwan2016.Fin
USA 2016 See below US16 CODEBOOK CN4USA2016.Fin
S.Africa 2019 See below CN4SouthAfrica2019Ques CN4SouthAfrica2019.Fin
Ukraine 2019 See below Ukraine2019Ques CN4Ukraine2019.Fin
South Africa 2019 See below CN4SouthAfrica2019Ques CN4SouthAfrica2019
Indonesia 2019 See below CN4Indonesia2019.Fin
Hong Kong 2019 CN4HK2019.Fin
Taiwan 2020 CN4Taiwan2020.Fin
Serbia 2020 See below CN4Serbia2020.Ques CN4Serbia2020.Fin
Brazil 2022 See below CN4Brazil2022.Ques CN4Brazil2022.Fin
—- —- —- —- —-
USA 2020 See below CN4USA2020.Ques
Chile 2021 See below Chile2021 Questionnaire CN4Chile2021.Fin
Germany 2021 See below CN4Ger2021.Orig CN4Ger2021.Fin
—- —- —- —- —-
63 Surveys Tech info. surveys thru March 2024 Common Core Questionnaire Merge63
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