G. Conclusions and Recommendations

Connect 4

As Salina and Brandon worked on this game they found a few minor errors in the code that caused it to not run. However, through working simultaneously on the code in class and separately, changes were made that caused the code to run. The graphics became a slight problem in the beginning, but with help from the instructors it was a quick fix. A few recommendations for this game include better graphics, specifically each piece falling down each column. Sound effects could also make the game more enjoyable, but a more advanced knowledge of Matlab is needed.

Tic Tac Toe

As Steph worked on this game, she found the code contained minor errors that impacted how the game determined a winner. These problems were solved with the help of the group as well as the UTA’s in class. Next, the main problem she faced lied within the graphics. Because these graphics were very advanced¬† (O’s as the block O and the X’s as an M crossed out) problems arose with how to connect them to matlab. However, the graphics were solved with a few quick fixes and the game ran smoothly. A few recommendations to improve this game include the ability to click on the spot instead of putting in a number, and sound effects to include in each.


As Noah worked on this game, he found little to no errors in his code. He consulted the group members and multiple UTA’s for any problems that he ran into while coding. Due to the simplicity of the game itself, he found a simple way to recreate the game on matlab. Nevertheless, a few recommendations for this game include more advanced graphics, and animations of dice used in the game.