A. Team Working Agreement

Team Working Agreement

Engineering 1181- Autumn 2019

Section – 6704

Instructor- Bill Cohen

Group A


 Team Members                        Email                             Phone

  1. Brandon Roach                  roach.254                        330-417-0816
  2. Noah Levy
  3. Salina Dahal                       dahal.27                            860-960-8613
  4. Steph Carrington          carrington.56                       (513) 592-0520

I. Communication Agreement

  • All team members will check the messages and emails on daily basis and respond it.
  • Text messages is will be the primary form of communication.

II. Meetings

  • The team members agree to meet once a week. Location and time will be decided according to the availability.

III.  General Responsibilities

  • Everyone participates equally.
  • Complete the task on time.
  • Help each other, discuss the problems.
  • Be on time to all meetings or inform team members in case of absence.
  • Responsibilities for SDP project:
  1. Connect 4
    1. Brandon Roach-Complete the graphics and documentation for connect 4.
    2. Salina Dahal  – Complete the coding for connect four.
  1. Tic Tac Toe
    1. Steph Carrington- Complete the coding and documentation for Tic Tac Toe.
  2. Over Under
    1. Noah Levy- Complete the coding and documentation for Over Under.

IV. Conflict Resolution

  • Discuss with the group members and try to find the solution.
  • Get help from professor or GTA or UTA if group members aren’t able to solve the problem.

V. Team Signatures:

  • Brandon Roach
  • Noah Levy
  • Salina Dahal
  • Steph Carrington