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1.  Welcome Page

  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents

2. Project Management

  • Team Working Agreement
  • Individual Responsibility Agreement

3. Business Plan

  • User Identification and Interviews
  • Electronic/ Print Advertisement
  • Pitch Video with Demonstration

4.  Software Documentation

  • Introduction
  • User Manual
  • Program Description
  • Final Algorithm/ Flowchart
  • Final Program with Comments
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • References


Executive Summary

The purpose of the Software design program was to introduce the real life coding problems to the students. This project not only combined the Matlab skills but also involved the steps of problem solving. The goal of the project was to create a game in Matlab which is worth at least two game points. The project was completed by Team A with the help of the sample files and helping function provided to them. The group firstly listed the different games with the help of user interviews and decided to create Connect 4 which is worth three game points. Salina and Brandon were assigned to work on this game, and found different ways to recreate the game in matlab. The group also decided to create Tic-Tac-Toe that is worth two game point, which was assigned to Steph. She creatively added an Ohio State vs. TUN theme to it to make it more interesting. Lastly, the group created Over Under, which is worth one game point. Noah was assigned to this game and found a simple way to recreate the classic game. After the game was created, the group also completed the documentation which involved the demonstration video to make it more understandable.

Results and Description

The group started the project by creating a draft flowchart for connect four in order to figure out the steps that needed to be involved in the game. The group decided to create a game for two players. The main objective of the game was to reach connect four horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The game was programmed that asked the players alternatively to enter the column number between 1 to 7 in order to drop their color piece. Once the piece was dropped the game  was programmed to check the winning condition; vertical, horizontal or diagonal and displayed the winner if any of these conditions was present  and if these conditions were not present, the game kept asking the players to enter the column number until the board was full. Mostly, while loop and for loop  with other basic matlab skills were used to create the game. For Tic Tac Toe, the coding had to do mostly with if and elseif statements. Although they are basic matlab commands, the coding became quite repetitive due to how many statements there were. This is because tic tac toe has many different ways to win with 3 in a row.

Conclusions and Recommendations

As the group worked on Connect Four, minor errors were found. The graphics and looping became a slight problem in the beginning, which was solved with the help from instructors. Some recommendations for Connect Four, Tic-Tac-Toe and Over Under includes; better graphics, specifically piece falling down the column for Connect Four. Sound effects could also be added to make it more enjoyable.