F. Discussion

Connect 4

At the beginning, the group was unsure of how to go about creating this game. It is the biggest game of all, so therefore it carries the most importance. Salina and Brandon were tasked with this game. Salina created the initial code needed for the game, while Brandon focused on graphics as well as debugging the original code. With the help of different online resources and class files the group was able to make a breakthrough on creating it. The graphics made the game much more interesting and creative, but it was not easy to pair it with the code. The group eventually figured it out with the help of multiple TA’s and instructors. Connect 4 turned out very well, but it was not the easiest game to code.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe is the game that carries the 2nd most importance, and it was created by Steph. She found that creating this game was much harder than expected due to the multiple ways to win. The code had to be altered many times because of how many different ways to win there are. Next, the graphics came into play. Making the graphics was the easy part, using an online service. However, getting the complex graphics to agree with the code was not simple. Multiple TA’s assisted the group in this act, and it was solved. The graphics and the game itself are classic, and took much time to code.

Over Under

Over under is the game that carries the least importance of the games provided, and it was created by Noah. In the beginning, this game was supposed to be War. However, through many mishaps it was decided that War was no longer an option. This is when the group picked up over under. They figured it would be a simple game with simple code, and an easy way to obtain the most points possible. The code itself posed no problems to the group, and the game passed all tests.