Han Awarded NIH F32 Postdoctoral Fellowship

Achieves Firsts in the Department of Surgery Research Training Program!

Joy Leemaster

Jing Han, MD, PGY2, who is working towards her doctoral degree with an emphasis in Immunology in the College of Medicine Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, has received fantastic news from the NIH and has achieved a few firsts in the Department of Surgery Research Training Program.

  • First DOS surgery resident to be awarded an NIH F32 postdoctoral fellowship
  • Her score is “1” on the NIH scale of 1 – 9.  The descriptor for a score of 1 is “Exceptional”
  • Her rank is “1st” percentile
  • The title of her grant application is “The molecular and spatial interactions between antibody suppressor CD8+ T cells and B cells that regulate alloantibody production after transplant.”
  • Her role on this grant is principal investigator
  • The total award amount is $103,668

Thank you to Dr. Bumgardner for your amazing mentorship!