Welcome New Lab Member Hatem Aldhahi

Hatem Aldhahi, Undergraduate Student Researcher

Hatem is a first-year Biochemistry major at the Ohio State College of Arts and Sciences. He joined the Bumgardner Laboratory in August 2023. Hatem hopes to learn more about how immunology plays a role before, during, and after a surgery, and he is excited to contribute to the ongoing research in the lab.

Welcome Newest Lab Member Hope Uwase

Hope is a Research Associate. She graduated with her Master in Pathology from Case Western Reserve University in spring ’23. Through her academic and professional experience, she has come to appreciate the immune system, which is how she developed a passion for Immunology and all its untapped potential for therapeutic novelty, that is less invasive and improves patient outcome. She is excited to be joining Bumgardner lab this fall ’23 and looks forward to contributing to the lab’s ongoing efforts that aim to understand the role of alloprimed and viral-primed CD8+ T cells and B cells in patient outcomes, post-transplant

2023 OSU MSTP Retreat Surgeon Scientist Dr. Brandon Miller

Surgeon-Scientist Dr. Brandon Miller Invited Alumni Speaker at 2023 OSU MSTP Retreat

Dr. Ginny Bumgardner and Dr. Brandon Miller


Visiting Professor Speakers 2023 OSU MSTP Retreat

Dr. Wayne Yokoyama and Dr. Brandon Miller at dinner with OSU faculty Dr. Tamar Gur, Dr. Ginny Bumgardner, and Dr Gene Oltz

ATC 2023 San Diego June 6/1-6/7/2023

Dr. Bumgardner, Madison Hart, Sydney Castellanos ~ Poster Presentation

Th1 CD4+ T Cells enhance the development and proliferation of novel antibody-suppressor CXCR5+CD8+ T cells


Sydney Castellanos ~ ASTS Research Grants Recognition

Sydney Castellanos, Dr. Ginny Bumgardner, Dr. Jason Zimmerer, Madison Hart