Seems we have had yet another eventful week this week! Many of you are aware that the Ohio State Fair has been cancelled due to COVID-19. At this time, I do not have any information on if the state will try to do a separate judging for State Delegates for still projects. They told us on the Zoom today that they will let us know some more information regarding this beginning of next week. Even with no state fair competition, I am still moving forward with county level judging for July 14th.


Senior Fair Board held a meeting last night and no further decisions have been made regarding county fair, at this time. With new restrictions being released from the Governor’s office yesterday afternoon, Senior Fair Board wanted some time to review and process what fair might look like with these new restrictions and how the COVID-19 pandemic progresses over the next month with entities re-opening. This is a very tough decision for them to make and we appreciate the 4-H and the community’s patience and understanding of the difficult decision they have to make. Just remember that you are in the eye of youth that look up to you and even if you disagree with the happenings going on around us, you need to show respect and understanding that not everybody feels the same. The document is public knowledge, so I am providing a link to it for anybody who is interested in seeing what is being mandated.





So in moving forward, we have some deadlines quickly approaching at the start of next week.

These can be postmarked by the deadline date and mailed to the Extension office. I have received several emailed pictures of forms, which will suffice for meeting the deadline, but am asking original copies be either mailed or brought to the Extension office when exhibitors pick up animal fair ID tags in July. These forms are kept with us at the Jr Fair office and often referenced and hard copies are much easier to read than pictures of forms.


  • Market Hogs – Due June 1st
  • All Rabbit Projects – Due June 1st
  • All Horse Projects – Due June 1st
  • Market Goat- Due June 6th
  • Market Lamb – Due June 6th
  • Dairy & Beef Feeder Projects – Due June 15th


Please, find registrations and informational letters at the link below:




Please don’t forget that any members taking market hogs to the fair need to have their Producer/Breeder sign an affidavit stating the their market hogs are Ractopamine Free from birth to purchase. This affidavit and the one signed by the exhibitor are both due by fair weigh-in with your DUNF form. If we do not have them both on file, you will not show! If you need a copy, please go to the link below.