Make a 4-H Tissue Pouch!

Perfect sewing activity for beginners!

Who doesn’t need a tissue pouch during the COVID-19 Epidemic!


14″x 7″ print cotton flannel
14″x 7″ solid cotton flannel
Fabric marker
Sewing supplies
Ruler/measuring tape

Use a 1/4″ seam allowance
Cut two 4 1/2″x 6″ pieces of each flannel for front.
Cut two 4″x 6″ of each flannel for back.
Fold print down 2″ from the top.
Place folded print RS up onto RS of back flannel piece.
Sew edges together.
Fold each print piece down 2″ from top; then fold in half lengthwise and finger press.
Fold each solid piece in half lengthwise and finger press.
Place the print piece around the solid piece as shown in the photo.
Sew edges together.
With RS together, lay the front on top of the back. Match the sides and top & overlap center front pieces.
Sew edges together. Turn RS out.

Courteous of JOANN Fabrics, a proud 4-H supporter!
Find more fun projects and crafting ideas at their website!

4-H Updates – More Cancellations & Postponing

Dear 4-H Families & Volunteers,

We have received word as of, March 25, 2020 from Ohio State University Extension Administration and Ohio 4-H that the prohibition of in-person programming has been extended from April 20 to May 15. This includes all 4-H programs, activities, and events. Please be aware this timeline may be extended beyond May 15.  So as an update, the following is either canceled, postponed or will be offered virtually.

March 26 – Junior Fair Board Cancelled

March 27 – Jane’s Retirement Party – Cancelled

March 28 – Horse Committee Spaghetti Dinner and Square Dance – Cancelled

April 1 – Enrollment Deadline; If you have challenges with this deadline please contact Crystal for accommodations.  She is entering enrollments at home and will be glad to take them electronically or at a drop off.

April 2 – 4-H Council – Postponed to May 7 (which will now be held virtually – Crystal will be in touch)

April 9 – Horse Committee – cancelled

April 10 – 4-H Scholarship Deadline; if you have challenges with this deadline please contact Crystal or Jennie for accommodations.

April 18 – Shooting Sports – Cancelled

April 21 – Carteens – Cancelled

April 23 – Junior Fair Board – Virtual

April 25 – Horse Committee Tack Swap and Square Dance – Cancelled

May 1 -3  – Horse Camp – Cancelled

May 1 – Rabbit Registration Deadline – extended to June 1

May 9 – Shooting Sports Shoot – Cancelled

May 12 – Carteens – Cancelled

May 14 – Horse Committee and Ride Night Postponed Until May 21

May 15 – Horse Registration Materials Due – extended to June 1


All camp counselor training including Piedmont U on April 10 as well as sessions on April 15, April 29, May 6, and May 20 are cancelled at this time.  It is not likely that we will be able to have camp during the 1st week of June and are looking at alternatives at this time.


We realize that much of this is very disappointing for all of our 4-H family.  But we are in this together and will come out stronger in the end.  Hang in there, better days are coming!


Contact information for Crystal and Jennie are as follows:

Crystal Antill – 740-695-1455;

Jennie Ellis – 740-695-1455;


To our 4-H Families:

It has been a quite a couple of weeks with changes coming quickly. Thank you for your patience with your county 4-H staff, the state 4-H office and OSU Extension. I know you have many questions:

  • When can we have club meetings?
  • Will there be summer camp?
  • Should we invest in projects?
  • What about fair?


The answer is at this point, we just don’t know. It is all changing rapidly. But what we do know for sure is that we’re committed to doing our part to help prevent the spread of the corona virus. We also know that when we choose to act together, we can have incredible positive impacts.

The actions we’ve taken so far are in alignment with necessary precautions recommended by the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Ohio Department of Health. These are in place to help keep us all from getting, or unintentionally spreading, this virus. This includes the temporary closing to the public of our county Extension office. We’ll continue to be available via email and phone.

Phone: 740-695-1455

Email:  or

To help clarify, ALL 4-H events, programs, and activities scheduled between now and April 20 be held virtually, postponed, or cancelled.


4-H Project Book Distribution

We are also suspending 4-H project book distribution, effective as of 3/18/2020 through 3/31/2020. This means there will be no project book distribution at the local or state level until after March 31. We will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation and will re-evaluate project book distribution as we get closer to March 31 and share more information with you at that time.


Enrollment & Deadlines

Due to Belmont County still having paper copy enrollments, forms shall be mailed via USPS and will be retrieved and processed when OSU Extension staff are able to return from their temporary, mandatory teleworking arrangements or when OSU Extension staff are able to retrieve postal mail. Deadlines will be adjusted accordingly. Volunteers and families also have the option to scan documents or send pictures of documents to for processing. Hard copies can then be mailed to the Extension Office or dropped off once OSU Extension staff return from teleworking. Again, deadlines will be adjusted due to circumstances.

OSU Extension Belmont County

101 North Market Street, Suite A

St. Clairsville, OH 43950


For our livestock project members and families, Ohio 4-H and the Ohio Department of Agriculture discussed some changes for this year that will help mitigate the effects the corona virus is having on holding in-person programming. For livestock quality assurance (QA) for the 2020 year only:

  • QA must still be completed before the opening day of exhibition, however the 45-day prior to the opening of the exhibition requirement will not be enforced.
  • Youth livestock exhibitors (8-18) may take the online YQCA certification.


In the coming days, we’ll post updates on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram), 4-H Blog and OSU Extension website. We’ll also include links to resources that you and your children can use. And we’ll do what we can to keep you updated as we learn new information.

Please continue to take care of yourselves and know that we do not expect everything to continue as it normally would have. This is a huge period of adjustment for all of us. We appreciate your continued patience – we’ll get through this together. Don’t fret over deadlines for enrollments or how you are going to get that Livestock Quality Assurance training complete or getting your volunteer 1.50 training done. We are going to all work together make sure we get everything accomplished with some adjustments and accommodations!


Thank you,

Belmont County 4-H Professionals and State 4-H Office

OSU Extension Offices Closed, But Still Teleworking!

Please, see the attached images of the current press release from

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Ohio State University Extension
Office of the Interim Director
Jacqueline K. Wilkins

OSU Extension offices throughout Ohio will implement teleworking options for staff amid current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak concerns.

OSU Extension in the Midst of COVID-19

The following statement is being shared by Ohio State University Extension of Belmont County to our stakeholders and community clientele.

Information is rolling out very quickly and we will try to keep our clientele and community updates as best as possible.

OSU Extension is deeply committed to the health and well-being of its staff and doing our part to help stem the spread of coronavirus disease COVID-19. Governor DeWine recently issued a state of emergency and implemented a variety of strategies to reduce the spread of the disease. In order to do our part in reducing risk to our employees or clientele, we have implemented a teleworking plan.     

While we will be working with a dramatically decreased physical presence in our office, we are committed to continuing to conduct our work as fully as possible.  In recent years, we’ve invested in the technology needed to facilitate effective teleworking.  We will utilize all our teleworking capabilities in order to continue serving our clientele and community. You should continue to feel free to call, email, etc. with any OSU Extension staff member as you normally would. We do, however, ask you to limit your face-to-face interaction at the office for the foreseeable future for ONLY those things needing direct service in order to maintain the safety of our employees and of you and your loved ones. We will be encouraging everyone to maintain a physical distance of at least six feet within our office and ask that you refrain from coming into the office if you are not feeling well. We will notify our stakeholders if additional changes in our approach to work becomes necessary.

We recognize this is a difficult time for everyone at OSU Extension, at our community partner institutions, and with our communities and families with the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the concern we have for the well-being of everyone.  Please do not hesitate to let us know if we can be helpful in any way. 


We wish all of you good health.

OHIO 4-H WEEK 2020


It has been a busy Ohio 4-H week for our Belmont County 4-H Teen Ambassadors and some of their fellow 4-H friends! They started the week with promotional team work, presenting to Bridgeport 3rd grade students and Martin’s Ferry middle school students. Both schools should be very proud of their students, as they were so welcoming and engaged as our Teen Leaders promoted our county 4-H program and all it has to offer. Then our Teen Ambassadors presented in front of the Belmont County Commissioners and guests at their meeting on Wednesday, March 11th. The county commissioners commended our ambassadors for having such passion and awesome public speaking skills, which they contributed to their years in 4-H. Round out our 4-H week with one of our very own ambassadors organizing fist-bumps for 4-H. Some of our Teen Leaders doing Fist Bumps for 4-H with some Union Local Elementary School students on their way into school and passing out “I Love 4-H” stickers. Some of our younger 4-H members were so excited to see their older 4-H club members and favorite camp counselors on their way into school! Some of our teens even went to the gym and participated in the morning walk with the elementary school students before classes. So proud of our Belmont County 4-H youth and their passion for the program. They truly make the BEST program BETTER!
#4hgrowshere #growingtrueleaders #educateouryouth #ohio4hweek #4hteenambassadors #4hteenleaders #leadersoftomorrow #belmontco4h


During our Ohio 4-H Week, our county also had some clubs participate in doing displays to promote 4-H out in the community. Some pictures are listed below of displays from our community clubs spreading the word on 4-H!


COVID-19 Urgent Information

Attention Belmont County 4-H Community! Urgent information regarding cancellations and postpone dates for meetings, events, etc. due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).


Please use the link below to view attached letter from Ohio State University Extension.

Coronavirus Letter of cancellations and postpone (002)


An email has been sent to all 4-H families, advisors and supporters regarding 4-H programs in BELMONT COUNTRY over the next few weeks. Please be sure to review the information. The safety of our community is our top priority. We realize that our COVID-19 policy guidelines will cause disruption, but the risk of not acting outweighs the inconvenience of these temporary measures. We will share updates as more information becomes available.


The 1st issue of the 2020 Clover Chronicle is posted to the website. Please go to the following link to access this newsletter.

We will be mailing copies to those families who wished to receive it via mail, as elected on their 2019 4-H enrollment. Therefore, if you know someone who is new to 4-H, please pass this along to them. Thank you!


OHIO 4-H Week – March 8th – 14th

Please join us as we celebrate Ohio 4-H Week in Belmont County. During this week, our very own 4-H Teen Ambassadors will be visiting some of our county schools to talk about 4-H and how to get involved. They will also be presenting to the Belmont County Commissioners on Wednesday, March 11th to share what 4-H is all about!

Look for social media challenges during the week on our Facebook Page: Belmont County 4-H Program.

Help us celebrate Ohio 4-H Week in your community, school or at your business!   4-H Council will pay $25 to each 4-H club for completing at least one display that promotes 4-H during the week of March 8-14.  Send a photo of your display, include location of the display on the back of the photo or in the email, to the Extension office by March 14, 2020 to guarantee payment for your efforts.  4-H Week is the perfect time to recruit new members for 2020!  Invite your friends to a club meeting, send a photo and story to the newspapers about your club or create a 4-H display in your school, in a business window, on a business sign or in a community center.  Spread the word, “4-H makes the Best Better!”

4-H Shirt Day

4-H Shirt Day is Friday, March 13, 2020!  Wear your favorite  4-H apparel to school and/or work.  Let everyone know you are a proud supporter of 4-H and encourage them to become involved!


What can you do for 4-H Week?

  • Write 4-H messages on your car windows or friend’s car windows (With Permission) using window markers
  • Have people form a 4-H Clover and take an aerial photo
  • Ask local churches to acknowledge 4-H Sunday (October 1st) and 4-H members who are present
  • Use 4-H promotional/educational exhibits at businesses, fairs, schools, banks and supermarkets (i.e. Window Displays)
  • Ask local businesses to put 4-H is Great! Are You Into It! on their signs during the week
  • Provide refreshments in the faculty lounge and include a card or sign stating that it is Ohio 4-H Week
  • Put up a 4-H display in school foyer or library showing the various 4-H project books
  • Contact businesses that have a marquee, lighted sign, or computer programmed sign. Ask them to display a message about Ohio 4-H Week
  • Take a potted plant to key supporters. Stick a paper 4-H clover on a florist stem in the pot
  • Sing a 4-H Song