OHIO 4-H WEEK 2020


It has been a busy Ohio 4-H week for our Belmont County 4-H Teen Ambassadors and some of their fellow 4-H friends! They started the week with promotional team work, presenting to Bridgeport 3rd grade students and Martin’s Ferry middle school students. Both schools should be very proud of their students, as they were so welcoming and engaged as our Teen Leaders promoted our county 4-H program and all it has to offer. Then our Teen Ambassadors presented in front of the Belmont County Commissioners and guests at their meeting on Wednesday, March 11th. The county commissioners commended our ambassadors for having such passion and awesome public speaking skills, which they contributed to their years in 4-H. Round out our 4-H week with one of our very own ambassadors organizing fist-bumps for 4-H. Some of our Teen Leaders doing Fist Bumps for 4-H with some Union Local Elementary School students on their way into school and passing out “I Love 4-H” stickers. Some of our younger 4-H members were so excited to see their older 4-H club members and favorite camp counselors on their way into school! Some of our teens even went to the gym and participated in the morning walk with the elementary school students before classes. So proud of our Belmont County 4-H youth and their passion for the program. They truly make the BEST program BETTER!
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During our Ohio 4-H Week, our county also had some clubs participate in doing displays to promote 4-H out in the community. Some pictures are listed below of displays from our community clubs spreading the word on 4-H!