Team F

Approach: In 2016, Columbus was awarded $50 million for its description of a “Smart City”, and had since then gathered a total of $417 million to help it accomplish the goals it had laid out. A large aspect of this project is to create an eco-friendly, mass transportation system to take people from the residential area of Linden, who do not have much access to basic services and employment, to areas like Easton and Polaris.

Our approach to this project is to design a mode of transportation that will be capable of completing this task, and will do so in a safe, efficient way. Our advanced energy vehicle will be electric-powered and will be pushed along a monorail system with multiple propellers.

Our team will test and design an aerodynamic body that will allow the AEV to reach it destination quickly as it travels along the monorail system.  There will be multiple propellers on both sides of the vehicle that will enable it to move in both directions and will allow it to brake more quickly by using the propeller on the opposite end to stop. Using an Arduino board, all movements of the vehicle will be pre-programmed, so there will be no chance of operator error. Also,  we will conduct tests of efficiency, allowing us to use the battery to its maximum potential. We are certain our design will push forward the goals of the smart-city project and will give the people of Linden a much needed, safe method of transportation to the other areas of Columbus.