Design Variations

Initial Prototype

The first prototype was the sample AEV design. This design has two wings, with propellers, that push and pull the AEV down the track.

Original Sample AEV Prototype


Reflectance Sensor Location

Sample AEV Solidworks Model


AEV Sketches

These sketches are each members own design of an AEV. After they were screened and scored, certain aspects of the drawings were brought together to come up with the current prototype design.


Andrew Quigley’s AEV Design

Anoop Hans’s AEV Design

Mantas Stungys’s AEV Design


First Prototype

Unlike the first, the second prototype has one propeller on each side of the design. On works to push the AEV, while the other pulls. The Propeller on the front is moves down, allowing room for the battery underneath, and allowing the metal clip to be placed on top for the magnet.


Second AEV Prototype

Reflectance Sensor Location

AEV Prototype 2 Solidworks Model


Final Design

The final design is similar to the last prototype, with a few design improvements. First, the team added a servo motor in order to add a power-braking system to the advanced energy vehicle. Along with this, the base pieces of the design were laser cut from ABS material. Not only is this a lightweight and durable material, it is also incredibly cheap.


Final Design

Final AEV Angle 2

Final AEV Sensors

Final Design SolidWorks Drawing