Evolution of Design and Key Areas of Focus

With the focus for the group being on efficiency, speed, and safety, we expect the evolution of our designs to reflect finding the balance between speed and safety, all whilst maintaining a sleek, aerodynamic build. The sketches below are simply rough drafts of our original design ideas. Please refer to the “AEV Final Design Sketches (SolidWorks)” tab for more up to date and accurate final design sketches made in the SolidWorks program.*

To support the aerodynamic build our group will look at wing angle, because the angle of the wing will determine how much lift the AEV experiences, and this will lead to improved speed and efficiency. Information regarding lift and wing angle was found at https://www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/airplane/shape.html,

A very rough sketch of a possible design can be seen below:

Updated Design for Minimal Weight and Efficiency

Screening (Top) and Scoring (Bottom) Matrices