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Ana Sucaldito is a graduating PhD candidate in the College of Public Health (Health Behavior Health Promotion) at The Ohio State University. She was supported by a Dean’s Distinguished University Fellowship. Ana graduated from OSU with a Masters in Public Health (MPH) in 2019 and a B.S. in Honors Neuroscience and a minor in Folklore in 2017. Her research interests are focused on health inequities, specifically those affecting the mental health of Asian Americans and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islanders, and community-based participatory research.

Ana loves being involved on-campus and in the Ohio community. She is the founder and president of KindCarts Service Initiative, an advisor for MUNDO at OSU, and the Internship Director and Secretary for the Health and Wellness Committee of the Asian Festival. She is also actively involved in Asian and Asian immigrant community organizations where she organizes free health screenings and education programs, organizes with her community on social issues, and conducts community-engaged research. When not in class, she enjoys bullet journaling, hanging out with her friends, and mentoring fellow BIPOC.

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  1. Hello, I’m an upcoming freshman planning on majoring in neuroscience. How many hours a day what you say are focused on your studies? How often are tests given within first year classes? Thanks.

    • Hey, James! How many hours I spend focused on studies really depends on the day–some days I might have four classes, and other days I may only have one. In general, I would say I devote about an hour of time of outside class time for each class per day. So, for example, my Monday schedule include Neuroscience 3000 (Intro to Molecular/Cellular Neuroscience), Psychology 3313 (Intro to Behavioral Neuroscience), and Spanish 1103.01. So on that day, I’d spend roughly 3hrs in the classroom, (about 1 hour per class) and 3 hrs outside of class (doing homework or reading the textbook/notes) on my studies.

      As for tests, again, it’ll vary a lot by class type, and by your professor. Generally, science classes (ex. General Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc) will give you weekly quizzes and 2-3 major tests (1-2 midterms and a final) per semester. Humanities classes tend to assign more papers, but usually also have at least one midterm, a final, and sometimes a final paper.

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