A Helping Hand


As my senior year comes closer and closer, like many of us, I find myself looking back on my first years here at OSU, as if going over every moment will make them happen again while slowing down the time I have left. Memories, some a little dusty and others crisp and clear, come and go. They make me smile. Wince. Grin. Sigh. Laugh. I know, however, that I would not have any of these memories, if not for Women and Philanthropy.

Women and Philanthropy is an alumnae organization at OSU that raises money to make visions realities. From funding research for cardiovascular health to supporting dance programs, the women in this organization make a tangible difference each day–and I am one of them. I found out that I had been chosen as 2013’s Women and Philanthropy Scholar just days after sending in my college acceptance fee. Except I hadn’t send it to Ohio State. I sent it to Miami University. Although OSU was my first choice, it was financially impossible at the time. The scholarship from W&P allowed me to come to OSU and, thus, W&P made possible every amazing experience that I’ve been privileged to have here. The continued presence of these women in my life has given me mentors, role models and one more reason to be thankful for past, present and future Buckeyes.