Graduate School-Fifth Year (So Far!)

Fall Semester

  • Began Graduate Research Assistantship with Dr. Kathryn Lancaster
  • Presented “Unpacking the “AAPI” Label: Asian-American and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander Heterogenity in Mental Health Outcomes” at the APAMSA Region V Conference 2021 (October 2021)
  • Presented “Unpacking the “AAPI” Label: Asian-American and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander Heterogenity in Mental Health Outcomes” at the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ School of Public Health
  • Led MUNDO service-learning trip as an advisor to New York City

Spring Semester

  • Participated as a mentor in the Public Health Graduate Student Association (PHGSA) Mentorship Program
  • Published “How CARE Tools are being Used to Address Brain Injury and Mental Health Struggle with Survivors of Domestic Violence” as a second author in the Journal of Head Trauma and Rehabilitation

Organizing Free COVID-19 Testing for Vulnerable Communities

Free COVID-19 testing for the Filipino and Chinese community on October 24th, from 10am-4pm! I had fun making these flyers to advertise the testings and explain more about COVID-19. I am excited to be able to help organize screenings for my community and will also be helping organize screenings for other minority communities, such as ethnic and religious minorities.

Flyers shown below were targeted toward the Filipino community.

COVID-19 Flyers in Tagalog

I had the honor and pleasure of helping create these informational COVID-19 flyers (about physical and mental health) for the Filipino community. These flyers are in Tagalog, which is spoken in the Philippines, but we also created flyers in Khmer, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, Hindi and English.

Graduate School–Fourth Year

Fall Semester

  • Passed candidacy exam—-became a PhD candidate
  • Resumed Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowship
  • Appointed to the College of Public Health’s Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) as its PhD representative
  • Organized free COVID-19 community testing for Filipino and Chinese communities in Ohio, serving roughly 80 individuals
  • Presented “Behind the Data: Evaluating Data Quality and Hidden Subjectivity” for a California-based non-profit for high-schoolers interested in policy and advocacy work
  • Attended the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s “Preparing for the Professoriate VIRTUAL Retreat”
  • Attended the 2020 Council on Research in Student Progress and Educational Excellence (CRISPEE) Conference
  • Organized free COVID-19 community testing for Dayton area, serving 825 people in one day (a statewide record!)
  • Presented my dissertation proposal, Living Under the AAPI Umbrella: Exploring the Heterogeneity of Mental Health Outcomes and Experiences among Asian American and Pacific Islander College Students to CPH

Spring Semester

  • Started serving as a Course Assistant for PUBHLTH 2010H: Honors Intro to Global Public Health
  • Completed Office of Diversity and Inclusion Dissertation Bootcamp
  • Served as a panelist for The Ohio State’s Multicultural Center’s APIDA in STEM panel (Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans in Science, Technology, Enigneers and Mathematics)
  • Guest lectured PUBHLTH 201oH: Honors Intro to Global Public Health (6o minute lesson about Racism as a Public Health Crisis)
  • Facilitated a PhD admitted student session at the College of Public Health’s Admitted Student Day
  • Won 3rd Prize for Oral Presentation for my “The Heterogenity of Asian-American Pacific Islander Mental Health Outcomes for College Students” presentation at the College of Public Health’s 2021 Research Day
  • Won “Honorable Mention” distinction for my oral presentation, “Investigating the Impact of “Asian-American Pacific Islander” Racial Identification and Gender on the Mental Health Outcomes of College Students” at the 2021 Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum
  • Guest lectured for PUBHLTH 2010H: Honors Intro to Global Public Health class (7o minute lesson about “What is Mental Health? A Culture-Based Lens”

Summer Semester

  • Organized and facilitated a community physical and mental health training for Asian-American health liaisons and community members
  • Joined the Asian Gambling Prevention Project with Maryhaven and Asian-American Community Services
  • Awarded Critical Difference for Women – Women of Color Advancement Grant 2021
  • Organized free COVID-19 vaccination pop-up for Columbus’ Filipino community
  • Manuscript: “How CARE tools are being used to address brain injury and mental health struggles with survivors of domestic violence” was accepted for publication (second author)

Young Leaders Summit: Speak up! Policy Advocacy

Of all the panels I’ve done, this was one of the most rewarding! I had the chance to meet with dozens of AAPI youth, many of whom were still in middle school and high school, to talk about policy advocacy. It was amazing to witness the drive these students have to change their local, state, and national environments  (there were almost 200 attendees!) and I’m so excited to see what they all will do.

Asian Community Alliance May Programs

Even during the pandemic, Asian Community Alliance is still serving the community. This month, they are holding their programs virtually in their ACA May Series—see the list of great presentations below, including one that I will give on destigmatizing mental health! Sign up link below:


APAMSA Region V Conference 2020

I’m so honored to have been invited to speak at the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association’s (APAMSA) Region V Conference about Asian-American mental health!

The conference is still accepting research posters for those interested in showing their work with this community–apply if interested!

8th Annual Ohio Asian American Health Conference

Thank you Asian Community Alliance, Inc and Ohio Asian American Health Coalition for inviting me to present at this conference! It was great to present about destigmatization strategies in AAPI communities and connect with others passionate about mental health.

The Write Stuff

Come see my presentation on journaling as a tool for career development,  reflection, and creative expression! Writing is such a big part of my life and the opportunity to hold a workshop on journaling (and bullet journaling!) is a dream come true!

Graduate School-Third Year Timeline

Fall Semester

  • Elected Secretary of the Health and Wellness Committee of the Asian Festival
  • Began serving as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the College of Public Health
  • Began serving as a Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Julianna Nemeth
  • Presented “The Write Stuff,” a journaling and writing-based workshop
  • Won the Karen H. Evans Memorial Scholarship from Ohio Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)
  • Presented “Mental Health Stigma: What it is and how do we handle it” breakout session at the 8th Ohio Asian American Health Conference
  • Guest lectured on “Culture and Inequity in Psychology” for an upper-level undergraduate/graduate course (Psychology 5681, Fall 2019)
  • Served as an advisor/staff mentor for the 2019 MUNDO Winter Break trip: Demolishing Preconceptions

Spring Semester

  • Presented “A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking” workshop at the Helpful Tips and Chicken Strips Event
  • Presented an hour long talk about AAPI Mental Health at the APAMSA Region V Conference 2020 (and was the youngest speaker there)
  • Guest lectured (Community Organizing and Social Marketing) in PUBHHBP 3510, Spring 2020

Summer Semester

  • Created and currently leading the inaugural Asian Festival Health and Wellness (AFHW) internship program
  • Presented “Breaking the Cycle of Stigma” with the Asian Community Alliance on May 14th, 2020, 6:30-7:30pm
  • Created recommendations for COVID-19 policies and funding for the governor’s office and public health agencies through serving as on an expert member checking committee for the COVID in Ohio Vulnerable Populations Needs Assessment
  • Served as a Filipino community liaison to create and disseminate COVID-19 information to Ohio Filipino communities
  • Advised high school and college youth about policy advocacy at CLUSA’s Young Leaders for American Summit 2020
  • Began mentoring the COVID-19 Healthcare and Equity cohort for AAPI youth (curriculum designed by me)