Kimberly A Scott of COMPUGIRLS to Visit Ohio State on 9/26

Join us on Tuesday, September 26th at 4pm in Ramseyer 100 to hear Kimberly A Scott’s lecture: “COMPUGIRLS: How to Create Culturally Responsive Computing Programs for Underrepresented Girls and Women.”

There has been considerable discourse outlining why there need to be more culturally responsive computing programs, particularly for underrepresented girls and women. To some degree, what these programs should include also appears in the literature. However, little attention has been paid to how to create such initiatives. This talk will engage audience members in discussing the challenges and affordances in creating the nationally renowned program, COMPUGIRLS. Nestled within Arizona State University’s Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology, COMPUGIRLS’ founder will discuss the program, its creation, and the implications of engaging in disruptive scholar-activist work.


For more about Kimberly Scott, check out her bio here.