Plans for the year, request for proposals

Dear colleagues,

The STS working group invites you to submit proposals for colloquia, roundtables, and informal discussions on the theme of “persons” for the current academic year. Topics might include persons as objects and subjects of knowing in varied scientific disciplines; negotiations of the boundaries of the human and the animal; the role of genomics in the constitution of identities; psychiatric constructions of normal and pathological personalities; technological mediations of personhood, etc.  Our hope is that the theme is both inclusive of much of what interests us collectively, and can give focus to our conversations over the next several months. The working group has some funding available to bring speakers to campus, but also welcomes presentations from faculty and graduate students on our campus.

We hope to offer up to 3-4 events each semester, roughly one each month on a Friday at lunch.  Lunch will be provided by the working group.  The earliest available date would be Friday, October 19.

If you wish to make a proposal, please contact one of us.  And please feel free to circulate this invitation to others who might be interested.

David Horn (horn.5)

Chris Pincock (pincock.1)